McConville murder gang threat still silences victim (NewsLetter)

The son of IRA murder victim Jean McConville has said he can’t name her abductors for fear of being shot.

Michael McConville was just eleven-years-old when he was hooded and beaten by the terrorist gang – and silenced by the threat of certain death.

Mr McConville was in the same room of his west Belfast home when his mother – who became on of the so-called ‘Disappeared’ – was snatched in 1972.

Forty-two years later, he still fears the death treat and the potential harm to his family should he identify those involved.

The widowed mother-of-ten’s body wasn’t discovered until August 2003 on a beach in Co Louth.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr McConville said he knows several of his mother’s attackers.

“I never told anyone who it was, I still haven’t told anyone who it is,” he said.

“I do know the names of the people … I have never told anyone.”

He added: “I wouldn’t tell the police. If I told the police now, a thing, me or one of my family members or one of my children would get shot by these people.

“Everybody thinks this has all gone away, it hasn’t gone away.”

Mr McConville said he had seen the people involved on the streets “on many occasions” and “when I see them my blood boils in my body, I just can’t stand these people for what they have done to us”.

Commenting on the arrest of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams in relation to the murder, Mr McConville said: “We’re just happy to see everything moving as it is moving at the minute.

“Me and the rest of my brothers and sisters are just glad to see the PSNI doing their job. We didn’t think it would ever take place [Mr Adams’ arrest], but we are quite glad that it is taking place.

“All we’re looking for is justice for our mother. Our mother, on the seventh of next month, would have been 80 years of age.

“Although we didn’t spend much time with our mother, we’d have like to have spent a lot of time with her. If the IRA hadn’t have killed our mother, God knows, she still might have been alive today.”

When asked about claims that Mr Adams’s arrest was politically motivated, David Cameron’s official spokesman told a regular Westminster media briefing: “This is entirely – and rightly so – an independent police matter.

“The fact that there has been an ongoing investigation into this for a period of time is a well-known matter of public record.”

The spokesman declined to say whether Downing Street had been given advance notice of the arrest by police.

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