Bloody Sunday Family Abused by Sinn Fein in Derry (Networkedblogs)

A relative of a innocent man shot dead by the British Army during the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre has been subjected to verbal abuse by a Sinn Fein councillor in the city.

Kate Nash reported on her Facebook page that:
Nasty experience at front door with SF canvasser Patricia Logue. My sister explained to young man that we wouldn’t be voting for them because they had tried to stop the Bloody Sunday March, he left quietly but she rushed up to door calling sis a liar, I went to door and told her that the dogs in the street knew this, she continued shouting going up the street.

There is no surprise whatsoever in this aggressive behaviour. Sinn Fein is a nasty party whose membership is in line with the party leader’s nasty attempts to smear anyone who does not share the party view. In recent days Adams, a serial liar, has taken to spewing vitriol over the Boston College oral history archive. Whistle blowing it seems is a fine practice unless he thinks the whistle is being blown on him.


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