PSNI attacked during Derry trouble (UTV)
Police have been attacked with petrol bombs during disturbances in the Galliagh area of Londonderry.
A burning barricade was set up on Thursday in Derry. (© Ciaran Boyle)
They came under attack at Moss Park at 9pm on Friday.
A 21-year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour.
Elswhere in Derry, a 17-year-old boy was detained after police were attacked during disturbances in the Northland Road area at 1am on Saturday. There are no reports of any injuries.
Meanwhile, police and fire crews extinguished a small rubbish fire in the area of the substation in Galliagh Park at 1.30am on Saturday.
The previous evening, almost 3,000 homes were temporarily left without electricity when an NIE substation caught fire in the Templepark area, close to the Ferndale Road, at around 6.45pm.
It is understood that rubbish was set on fire close to the substation, which then spread to the building.
Repair teams worked throughout the night to repair the substation, replace cables and restore power to the area.
Within two hours of the blackout, 2,500 homes had their supply restored while the remaining customers in the Lower Galliagh area of the city had their electric back on by noon on Saturday.
Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) has strongly condemned the act of vandalism and said the fire caused extensive damage resulting in a network clean up operation costing many tens of thousands of pounds.
“We would once again stress how dangerous it is to tamper with electricity substations. Substations contain live equipment energised at several thousand volts of electricity.
“We would ask local communities to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity around substations or other electricity equipment to NIE on 08457 643643 or to the PSNI.”
It was the second night of trouble in the city after police were attacked in the area on Thursday night.
Sinn Féin councillor Tony Hassan said the trouble was linked to the removal of bonfire material in the area on Thursday evening.
“The majority of residents in that area didn’t want bonfire material on their doorstep.”
He said that when the Housing Executive lifted it, disorder began afterwards.
“People are opposed to bonfires.”
Mr Hassan condemned the violence saying that it was possible some elements in the community were organising the youths to take part in disorder.

Fire at electricity substation in Londonderry was arson (BBC News NI)
A fire at an electricity substation in Londonderry which caused power cuts for up to 3,000 people was started deliberately.
The blaze was reported at about 18:45 BST at the substation on the Ferndale Road in the Galliagh area of Derry.
The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service said youths had stored bonfire material close to the substation and this had been set on fire.
Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) said power has been restored to all homes.
‘Mindless actions’
A spokesman said the substation appeared to have been extensively damaged and said firefighters had had to make the site safe before NIE engineers could carry out their repairs.
Speaking from the scene of the fire on Friday, SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan said several homes had been evacuated while firefighters tackled the “huge blaze”.
“Not only have the mindless actions of a few youths caused great inconvenience to residents here, but they have also caused genuine upset and anxiety,” he said.
“It is extremely fortunate that the consequences of this vandalism have not been even more serious causing injury or significant damage to neighbouring homes.”
Around 01:30 BST on Saturday, police and fire crews extinguished a small rubbish fire near the sub station in Galliagh Park.

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