Britanin phuch off & Stop Pow torture (Irish Blog)

The British Government, is currently outsourcing the torture of Irish Prisoners (POWs), through the regular use of sectarian thugs in riot squad attire, let loose within Maghaberry prison, to batter prisoners by pretext and proxy. It’s purpose, is to criminalize the prisoners, their political status and their political organization, within the working class communities, they come from. It is intended to batter their Cause and their people’s aspirations, into submission.

British Sinn Fein who are part of the current ruling junta in Stormont, consistently say, out of the sides of their mouths, that they are ‘working in the background’, on the issue of brutal conditions in Maghaberry. Their ‘Working in the background’ mantra, is as orifice licking in reality, as is their rhetoric, calling on Irish people, to become informers to British Occupation forces. They too, like the fascist Blueshirt government in the south, have a vested electoral interest, in the preservation of the status quo, in the oppression of opposition, with their gombeen, Irish political collaboration, with the British.

The common people of oppressed communities, are on the contrary, taking to the streets, in protest to demand an end to British brutality. Political Prisoners in Occupied Ireland, have been subjected to a calculated regime of torture, for the last 45 years now, in the latest troubles in Ireland. The truth is, that only massive campaigns of agitation on the streets, as was the case with the 10 hunger strike martyrs, by ordinary Irish people, at home and abroad, will force the British ruling junta, to comply with International Law and standards, on the treatment of POWs.

There is also a humanitarian aspect to this issue, which needs to be publicized, to appeal to the humanitarian conscience, of both the European and International community, to broaden support. This will definitely increase, the number of people involved in the protest movement. The humanitarian aspect of Maghaberry’s brutal conditions, are again a political symptom, of Britain’s centuries-old Imperialist role in Ireland. The torturous conditions and covert political internment by remand, emphasise their covert continuous Dirty War, against Irish Republican people.

British Sinn Fein, on the one hand, claim the mantle of the ten martyred Hunger Strikers, for electoral purposes, while with the other hand, are a critical part of the oppressive British regime, that keeps the Orange jackboot, on the necks of the defenceless POWs, battered to the ground. In fact in the latest attacks on the prisoners, they left the imprint of the heel of their boots, on the bloodied heads of prisoners, precisely the same treatment, meted out to Bobby Sands and his hunger strike comrades. The sectarian Orange Order prison service know, they can get away with murder, with a secret Orange Order Chief of Police, all under theTories, as they did with Margaret Thatcher.

The campaign for the Maghaberry POWs, must include a public acceptance, that these prisoners are political prisoners. They are Prisoners of War, a British Dirty War, covertly waged against Irish working class people, under the cover of prejudice and bigotry, using the well-worn terrorist narrative, through all organs, of an Orange Scum State, that extends right into sectarian Maghaberry, with the torture of Irish POWs. A recognition of this critical fact and it’s explanation to the public, will lead to a better understanding of why, the British are using Kitsonian tactics and Kitson’s dirty tricks, against POWs, using torture, while at the same time, using, the judicial conveyor belt, of secret Diplock courts, for covert internment of political oppostion, all with a nod and a wink, from the collaborationist, politcal beneficiaries of British Sinn Fein.


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