Bobby Sands’ spokesman, close friend calls on Israel to immediately release Khader Adnan (Seachranaidhe1)
The Secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust, Danny Morrison, called on the Israeli government to immediately release Adnan, who is close to death.
Morrison was himself interned without trial (administratively detained) as a teenager. He was later the Director of Publicity for Sinn Féin and was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly (1982-86). A friend of Bobby Sands he was nominated by Bobby Sands as his spokesperson during the 1981 hunger strike. Today he is a writer and secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust whose members include Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams. Morrison said:Here in Ireland the British government’s prime minister Margaret Thatcherthought that she could break the will of our struggle by killing our prisoners who were hunger striking for their rights as political prisoners. She was wrong and the violence that the British sewed only reaped a whirlwind of resistance but at a heavy cost in Irish and British lives. The lesson from history is that one must talk and negotiate and recognise the rights of people to be free and to be free from injustice and persecution.An earlier British prime minister, Ted Heath, thought that he could also break us through the use of ‘administrative detention’, that is through the use of internment-without-charge-or-trial, which is the pretext used by the Israelis for imprisoning Khader Asnan against whom they have no evidence. People in Derry who marched against internment were massacred on Bloody Sunday and fourteen of them were killed by British paratroopers. Again, that did not break us but only made us more determined to fight for our rights.
It is probable that Israeli rulers are so hardened that they cannot find it within themselves to exercise clemency and resolve this hunger strike. They possibly do not even care what effect their behaviour has on their reputations and how people around the world view Israel’s behaviour with disgust. But they cannot win over the Palestinian people – even should Khader Adnan lose his right to life.
It was a great Irishman, Terence MacSwiney, the Mayor of Cork, who was arrested by the British and went on hunger strike to the death, who said: ‘It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can suffer the most who will conquer in the end’.
The thoughts of Irish republicans throughout Ireland are with Khader Adnan and his family and we hope that he wins his right to freedom.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Irish Friends of Palestine



  1. Il Ministero della Giustizia Israeliano ha dichiarato che la detenzione amministrativa di Khader Adnan non sarà prorogata e il 17 aprile sarà liberato. Era ora! la pressione internazionale stavolta è servita; ma quali conseguenze per 66 giorni di sciopero della fame per lui?

    Mi piace

  2. La notizia riportata da Pierstefano, sull’imminente scarcerazione di Khader Adnan, è senza dubbio un sollievo!
    Più che pressione internazionale direi che la premiata ditta GB-USA-Israele ha finalmente capito che ai Popoli oppressi è meglio non “regalare” nuovi martiri; già la sicurezza dello loro tirannie sta vacillando, se in più ci mettiamo la riscossa che un popolo può avere da una morte per sciopero della fame in carcere di un suo patriota, bè sarebbero veramente alla frutta…

    Speriamo che, come ci auguriamo che in un futuro prossimo le 32 Contee possano riunirsi, anche il glorioso popolo palestinese possa concretizzare finalmente il sogno di una terra libera in tutti i territori occupati illegalmente dal ’48.

    Mi piace

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  4. That saying of bobby sands was aimed at the brits not the jews so dont compare the two , fuck Hamas they are terrorizing none muslims in Palestine and there own people.

    Mi piace


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