The Disappeared: Meath remains were those of Brendan Megraw (BBC News Northern Ireland)

Human remains found in County Meath in October were those of IRA murder victim Brendan Megraw, it has been confirmed.

Mr Megraw was one of the 16 murder victims who became known as the Disappeared.

His remains were found in a drainage ditch on Oristown bog, near Kells, by contractors called in to prepare the site for forensic excavations.

DNA tests have positively identified the remains as those of Mr Megraw.

The coroner for the city of Dublin has accepted this as evidence of identification and will shortly authorise the release of the remains to the family.

In a statement, Brendan Megraw’s brother, Kieran, said the family are relieved that he has been found.

“He has been alone for nearly 40 years and now we can bring him home and lay him to rest with our mum and dad,” he said.

“We want to thank all those who have supported us over the years.”

He added: “Brendan was found because more information came in to refine the search area and we are hugely grateful for whoever provided it.

“We hope and pray that the suffering of those still waiting for the return of their loved ones will soon be brought to an end”.

Mr Megraw was 23 when he was abducted from Twinbrook in Belfast in 1978, and murdered by the IRA.

He had recently been married and was awaiting the birth of his daughter.

His kidnappers had drugged his wife, Marie, in their home as they waited for his return, and as they took him away they warned her not to worry or contact police.


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