Bloody Sunday investigation ‘is over’ (UTV)

Some of the Bloody Sunday families believe the murder investigation into the 1972 shootings is effectively over, due to the police financial constraints.

It was the first time police have met them since it was announced the investigation was being hit with severe budgetary cuts.

Kate Nash, whose brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday, said: “It seems we are not important. We are an old case. They have not said that, but that is reading between the lines.

“This investigation has stopped, it is over.”

Thirteen people were shot dead in the Bogside area of Londonderry on 30 January 1972 after British paratroopers opened fire on crowds at a civil rights demonstration.

Fourteen others were wounded and one later died.

The police probe was launched following the publication of the Saville Inquiry in 2010 which found that those shot and wounded were innocent.

Some families had hoped the murder probe – the biggest ever undertaken by the PSNI – would lead to prosecutions, however two weeks ago they were told the investigation was being scaled back.

Retired police officers from England and Wales were brought onto the team as the processes of interviewing hundreds of witnesses began. It’s believed most leave their positions on Thursday.

“Time is a big factor in this investigation – major,” said Mickey McKinney, who also lost a brother on Bloody Sunday.

“For 10 detectives to be taken off this where they were making headway… this investigation has slowed up seriously.”

The families were told the Bloody Sunday case could come under the remit of a legacy investigation team which has yet to be established.

Officers said they will take the families’ concerns back to Chief Constable George Hamilton.


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