Bombs thrown at police in fourth night of violence across Belfast (Belfast Telegraph)

Roads also closed in Portadown, while a peaceful protest has passed in

Police have come under attack from rioters throwing petrol, pipe and blast bombs in a fourth consecutive night of violence in Belfast.

There are no reports of any injuries at this stage.

Water canon has been deployed and one plastic bullet has been fired by police.

The Newtownards Road has reopened to traffic and police are currently maintaining a presence in the area. A spokesman appealed for calm and called on those with influence to do what they could to help restore peace.

Earlier on Monday a pipe bomb was thrown at police from the Ardoyne area of north Belfast.

The device was thrown from Brompton Park at officers policing Crumlin Road at about 5pm. It exploded close to police but there were no reported injuries.

At Crumlin Road and Twaddell Avenue a significant number of people are still on the street.

Meanwhile stones and other missiles are being thrown at police at Broadway and Glenmachen Street, where there is a crowd of around 50 people.

The Shore Road, north Belfast, is currently closed due to a crowd that has gathered at the entrance to the Mount Vernon Estate.

In Londonderry police have dealt with a number of “white line” protests on the main Glendermott and Limavady roads in the Waterside area of the city.

Up to 90 people were involved in the protests, which were peaceful, between 7 and 8pm. Police said minimal disruption was caused to traffic.

During the protests police seized around 20 paint bombs believed to have been stashed by local youths.

Roads are closed in the Corcrain area of Portadown.

Corcrain Road has been closed from Ballyoran Hill to Northway; Charles Street is closed from Loughgall Road to Corcrain Road; and Park Road is closed from its junction with Garvaghy Road.

Commenting on the pipe bomb attack in Ardoyne, Superintendent Emma Bond said: “We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we are not dealing with a much more serious incident and that all of the officers were able to walk away from that situation unharmed.

“We have appealed for calm in the area and I continue to to do so. I would appeal to anyone with influence in the community to exert it to ensure that the next few days pass off without incident.

“An investigation is now underway into tonight’s events and I would appeal to anyone who has information to contact us on 0845 600 8000.”


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