Husband of Marian Price calls for prayers ahead of Bogside vigil to mark a year of imprisonment (Newswire)
JERRY McGlinchey, husband of Marian Price, has called for thoughts and prayers for his wife ahead of today’s vigil in the Bogside.
Mr McGlinchey, who was speaking to Newswire after visiting his wife in Hydebank Prison today, has asked the people of Derry to come out and mark one year of his wife’s imprisonment.
“Marian is not well,” said Mr McGlinchey. “She had to cut my visit short today and go back to her cell to rest. She is a 58-year-old woman. She is crippled with arthritis and she is in a lot of pain. Tomorrow marks the day she was put in prison and I would call on everyone to whom human rights matters to make a stand at Free Derry Corner for Marian.”
Ms Price is being held in prison in Belfast. On Thursday during Judge Barney McElholm dismissed charges against Ms Price and three other Derry republicans with regards an republican Easter commemoration in the city last year. He made the ruling after being told that premliminary papers were not ready. Her three co-accused where released and there were renewed calls for the release of Ms Price in the wake of the charges being dropped. Ms Price was too ill to attend court.
On Friday it was announced that Barra McGrory, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is insisting that a case will proceed despite Judge McElholm’s ruling. Mr McGrory insisted that the papers were now ready to go to defence solicitors and that Judge McElholm’s ruling was “by no means the end of the matter”. He stated that Ms Price’s case would be “recommenced in another way”.
Ms Price is still in Hydebank, moved from Maghaberry in February due to her deteriorating health. But Mr McGlinchey says conditions at Hydebank Women’s Prison are much worse.
“My wife is locked up for most of the day,” says Mr McGlinchey. “She is not getting fresh air, not getting to see daylight. She has been in solitary confinement now for 12 months. She is losing her hair and her health is going steadily downhill. I know she puts on a brave face for me when I visit but there are days she can’t hide it and I see how it is affecting her. I believe the situation is destroying her ability to function as a human being.
“I would call for everyone to come to the Free Derry Corner today. We truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers of all who have come out to stand with us. I appreciate that people might not agree with Marian’s politics but they come out to make a stand against human rights abuse. Please come out today, light a candle and say a prayer for my wife.”
Sinn Féin MLA Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said the continued imprisonment of Marian Price was unacceptable and she should be released immediately.
The Foyle MLA said: “The continuing imprisonment of Marian Price is unacceptable. Not only was Marian Price again deemed too unwell to appear in court but she is that ill she could not even appear by video link. It is obvious she is a threat to no one and continuing to keep her in prison is wrong.”
A vigil to mark one year on Ms Price’s imprisonment will be held on tonight, Sunday May 13th, at 7pm at Free Derry Corner.



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