There are a number of republicans being held in Maghaberry including Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough.
On top of being unjustly held captive some republican prisoners are not receiving the adequate medical treatment they require.
Martin Corey is interned after his licence was revoked.
Gerry McGeough is in bad health with a heart condition and for him to be in prison on charges dating back to the 1980s is ridiculous.
It is clear that republican ex-prisoners have a sword hanging over their heads and if they don’t toe the line they will find themselves being returned to prison.
To make matters worse we have the ongoing protest in Maghaberry against controlled movement and forced strip searches. The images of republican prisoners sporting long beards has brought the seriousness of the situation home to many people.
Is is an image we thought we would never see again.
Some Stormont politicians claim to be concerned about such cases yet they don’t seem to be doing anything about it despite the fact that some of them were once held captive by the British state.
They clearly have short memories.
The Stormont politicians regularly harp on about leaving the bad old days behind. Yet it is clear that for republicans the bad old days have never gone away.
The fact that a British secretary of state, Owen Paterson, can revoke licences as he pleases is proof who really holds power.
As an elected representative I call for an end to the torture and brutality of republican prisoners and for the full implementation of the August 2010 agreement which would bring this crisis to an end.

Councilior DAVY HYLAND
Independent Republican


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