Ramsey visits Marian Price in Maghaberry, vows to bring her home to her family (NewsWire)
SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey has revealed on Facebook that he met with Marian Price in Maghaberry Prison and was ‘shocked and upset’ at her condition and ‘horrified’ at the isolation she has been subjected to.
Mr Ramsey said the main reason he visited Maghaberry on Friday was to see Ms Price and in answer to a question posed by a constituent on Facebook he revealed that he has vowed to bring her home to her family. He also revealed that he has tabled a No Named Motion at Stormont and that the SDLP Parliamentary Group will be seeking an urgent visit to the prison, to meet prisoners and prisoner groups.
In answer to another question he went on to say: “I discussed at length Marian’s condition and her care needs with the Governor and why she is being held in isolation as she is not a high risk prisoner, I was… appalled and upset myself after having a open and frank conversation with her and promised and committed myself to getting her home to her family, and have asked for an urgent meeting with the Secretary of State and Justice Minister….”
Ms Price (57) has been held in solitary confinement at Maghaberry Prison for over nine months without charge. She was arrested after holding a piece of paper for a masked man at an annual Easter Rising commemoration in Derry, a few days later Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson revoked her release from prison on license.
Campaigners for her released say the public should be outraged that a woman nearing 60 is being held without proper charge in total isolation.


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