Verrà esaminato attentamente ogni video proveniente dalle telecamere a circuiti chiuso disseminate nell’area interessata dai riots

David Cameron, da pochi mesi Primo Ministro britannico, intervenendo alla House of Commons, ha definito i disordini delle ultime tre notti come ‘completamente inaccettabili’.
Ha aggiunto di essere in regolare contatto il Segretario di Stato nordirlandese Owen Paterson “per assicurarsi che tutto ciò che occorre sia stato fatto”.
Duncan McCausland, Assistant Chief Constabe della PSNI, ha affermato il coinvolgimento anche di bambini di 10 anni circa nei disordini. Stando a quanto dichiarato, i ragazzini sarebbero stati usati come scudo umano dagli attivisti impegnati ad orchestrare le rivolte alle loro spalle.
Individuato il responsabile del ferimento del poliziotto donna ricoverata lunedì notte.
Nel mondo politico, oltre alle reazioni dei leaders di governo, oltre al discorso di Cameron, si aggiungono quelle del Ministro della Giustizia David Ford che ha difeso l’operato della polizia, accusata di non aver proceduto ancora ad arresti.
Ha ribadito che per procedere all’arresto sul posto si rende necessaria la presenza di un ufficiale addetto che possa operare lontano dalla linea di fronte. In questo caso tutti gli agenti erano impiegati in prima linea per opporsi alla violenza dei 150 rivoltosi che ieri notte si sono riversati nelle strade.
Colpi di arma da fuoco sono stati sparati alle 23.30 circa di ieri sera a Brompton Park. Lanci di molotov e pipe bomb sui fronti di Twadell Avenue e Brompton Park. North Queen Street è stata bloccata da giovani che hanno effettuato una barricata lungo la strada. Danneggiato un autobus in Stewart Street, dove è stato anche tentato il sequestro di un’auto. Sporadici incidenti che hanno richiesto ‘intervento della PSNI, nelle aree dei Markets e Short Strand.
Gli animi si sono quietati ale 2.00 circa della scorsa notte.

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Justice Minister defends riot police tactics (U TV)
The Justice Minister David Ford has defended the tactics adopted by police during rioting in north Belfast.
Police have said around 150 people were involved in a third night of serious trouble in the Ardoyne area.
Shots were fired at police during the disturbances in the Brompton Park area around 11.30pm.
A pipe bomb and numerous petrol bombs were thrown at officers, as crowds gathered at the shopfronts, at Twadell Avenue and at Brompton Park.
Burning barricades were put in place and laser pens were shone at police.
David Ford defended the actions of the PSNI who have been criticised for a lack of arrests following three nights of rioting.
He told UTV the police are “talking about investigating video coverage of what happened but we have to accept the reality of the situation the police were in on Monday night.”
“Every time they would have arrested some one it required taking an arresting officer away from the front line. Those police officers were better used dealing with trouble”
“What we have to ensure is that we follow up the video evidence and people are made amenable to the law for the crimes they committed.”
Officers used baton rounds and water cannons in a bid to control the situation.
Calm was restored to the area around 2am.
North Queen Street was also blocked by youths who placed a barricade across the road.

Police dealt with sporadic incidents in the Markets and Short Strand areas.
At Stewart Street, a bus was damaged by stone throwers and an attempt has been made to hijack a car.
The Prime Minister has branded the attacks on police “completely unacceptable” and has paid tribute to the “restraint” and bravery shown by officers during the ongoing riots.
David Cameron added that he is keeping in regular touch with Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson “to make sure that everything that needs to be done is being done”.
“This is a devolved issue and we should, having devolved policing and justice, allow David Ford and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister to give the lead they are giving,” he said.
UUP Policing board member Basil McCrea told UTV he is confident those responsible will be caught.
“I am quite sure there will be arrests and prosecutions coming out of this.”
It comes after serious rioting erupted across the city – and in areas including Lurgan and Londonderry – on Monday night, following Twelfth of July parades.
More than 50 police officers were injured as they tried to restore calm.

‘Significant arrests’ promised after Belfast riots (BBC News Northern Ireland)
Police used water cannon to help contain the violence
A senior police officer has said there will be “significant arrests” of those involved in rioting in Belfast.
Up to six shots were fired at police during a third night of violence in north Belfast on Tuesday.
Petrol bombs and a pipe bomb were also thrown by nationalist rioters in the Ardoyne area. About 100 officers used water cannon and baton rounds.
The prime minister has said the PSNI behaved in a brave and restrained way during the recent trouble.
Speaking in the Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron described the violence as “unacceptable” and said the PSNI had been forced to respond.
On Wednesday, Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said children as young as 10 were involved in the violence.
He said as well as throwing stones and petrol bombs, young children were being used as shields by “sinister elements” organising the riots behind them.
ACC McCausland said police had hours of video footage from before the violence started and would use it to identify the rioters.
“There will be significant arrests in the forthcoming days – individuals will not go scot free,” he said.
The rioter who dropped a concrete block on a policewoman on Monday night – seriously injuring her – had already been identified he added.
“Wherever he is in Northern Ireland he can sit and be worried – we will be coming for him,” he said.
The officer is due to get out of hospital later on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, the NI first and deputy first ministers have met the chief constable.
Following the meeting, Peter Robinson said he had “nothing but the highest admiration for the way the police has dealt with the difficulties of recent days”.
Martin McGuinness described the violence as a “setback against the huge progress we have made in recent times”.
But he insisted that those behind the violence “would not succeed” in disrupting the political process.
The NI Chief Constable, Matt Baggott, said his force was determined to bring those responsible to justice.
Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness were criticised on Tuesday by Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay, who called on them to provide more leadership.
On Tuesday night, burning barricades were put in place and laser pens were shone at police. Some officers suffered minor injuries.
Politicians have condemned the violence, which has flared at the height of the loyalist marching season.
Sinn Fein have said dissident republicans and “anti-social elements” are behind the violence.
‘Madness and mayhem’
SDLP councillor Nicola Mallon spent most of Tuesday night in Ardoyne and said it as a night of “absolute madness and mayhem” with local residents growing increasingly worried about the situation.
Rioter attacks police A rioter attacks police in the Ardoyne area on Tuesday evening
Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister David Ford said there was an “extremely sinister edge”, in terms of those who were encouraging the rioting.
There was also trouble in North Queen Street area of north Belfast on Tuesday night where youths built a barricade across the road.
In the Markets area of south Belfast a bus was damaged by stone-throwers and a car was recovered by police as youths tried to hijack it.
A car was also stolen in Lurgan, County Armagh and four petrol bombs were thrown at a police vehicle in Londonderry.
More than 80 police officers had been injured over the previous two nights of rioting by nationalist youths.
Police later released aerial footage of the violence, which showed officers coming under sustained attack from people throwing bricks and wielding metal bars and planks.
The chief constable, Matt Baggott, said the cost of policing Monday’s violence would run into millions of pounds.


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