Ombudsman begins Adams case review (UTV)

The Police Ombudsman has confirmed that an investigation is now underway into the handling of the case involving Liam Adams, who was convicted last week of raping and abusing his daughter.

It follows a complaint made by the DUP’s Paul Givan, who is chair of Stormont’s Justice Committee.

The Ombudsman is understood to be investigating how detectives handled a statement given to them by Liam Adams’ brother Gerry Adams – the Sinn Féin president – in 2009.

It contained information about a confession he received from his brother nine years earlier.

It has been claimed that Gerry Adams withheld information between 2000 and 2009, but he insists that he is confident he did not committed any offence and that he has co-operated fully with the PSNI, the Public Prosecution Service and the courts.

UTV Correspondent Jane Loughrey says the Police Ombusdman’s office has earmarked the investigation as a “priority”.

“An investigation team is already in place and they will be looking to see if there’s any evidence at all that police officers committed a criminal offence and if they did they will pass that information onto the PPS.

“They’ll also be looking to see if any police officers at the time were guilty of misconduct. If they find any existence of that, they will pass it on the police. Alternatively they may find that the police acted entirely appropriately,” she said.

UTV understands the Ombudsman’s investigation will take several months.

Earlier this week, the current Director of Public Prosecutions also ordered a separate review of the decision taken by the PPS not to prosecute Gerry Adams over the claims.

The abuse by Liam Adams happened over 30 years ago, when his daughter Áine was aged between four and nine.

Following the guilty verdict in his trial, he will be sentenced next month.



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