RUC/PSNI target infants and family at Toy Store (Derry 32csm)

Derry 32 County Sovereignty Movement would like to bring to the attention of the General public the ongoing targeting and abuse of Children by the Sectarian force who run amok under the banner of “Police Service of Northern Ireland.”
The devolution of Policing and renaming of the Royal Ulster constabulary is merely what a lot of people had guessed it would be… A simple cosmetic exercise designed to try and lend a veneer of respectability around a Corrupt British Sectarian force.
The backing of this force by “Political” groupings such as Sinn Fein and the SDLP has given the media a bye ball to Censor and bury the news of blatant sectarianism by the RUC/PSNI as to acknowledge or indeed publicise the daily Human rights abuses would be an admission to the world that the supposed Peace process is a farce and that they are silent partners in the abuse through their complicity in the cover up.

This week saw the RUC/PSNI quite deliberately rough-house a family who were on a trip to a local toy store in front of both customers and staff.
The RUC/PSNI manhandled and abused them, leaving the young children in tears. The children were inconsolable and traumatised to such an extent that when the RUC had completed their abuse , the kids actually apologised to the parents for having asked to bring them to the toy store.
The silence of the great and good, the media and the bought and paid for Politicians is nothing short of a disgrace. They feed on junkets around the world portraying the occupied 6 counties as a finished project, perpetuating a myth that all is fine and dandy whilst trying to sell themselves as Peace ambassadors with all the answers.Their only answer is to ignore Human rights abuses at home whilst massaging their personal egos abroad.
The Statelet is rotten and the folks on the hill who deliberately bury their heads in the sand whilst ignoring Overt Human rights abuses are as rotten at the system they not only support but prop up and lend credence to.

“Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.”


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