Fermanagh Council to ask secretary of state to release Marian Price from prison (The Impartial Reporter)

FERMANAGH District Council has agreed to write to the secretary of state calling for Marian Price’s release from prison.

The IRA bomber has been in prison since May 2011 after appearing at a dissident republican rally in Londonderry.

She has since been charged in connection with the murders of two soldiers at Masserene in March 2009 and denies the charge.

At tonight’s meeting of Fermanagh District Council, Independent Councillor Bernice Swift proposed that the council write to Theresa Villiers, the secretary of state, to ask that Ms Price is released “immediately.”

“Marian Price is being illegally interned. As a woman, there is a blatant violation of her human rights. This makes a mockery of our peace process,” said Councillor Swift.

“I object,” said the Democratic Unionist Party‘s Bert Johnston, “She is a bomber.” Alison Brimstone, also of the DUP, added: “I don’t think the council should be writing to the secretary of state asking for anybody’s release. Should Councillor Swift want to write to the secretary of state then…”

“I already have done,” interrupted Councillor Swift.

Ulster Unionist Councillor Raymond Farrell said: “In relation to the Price thing, there are plenty of women who have had their human rights violated due to 30 years of terrorism in this country, like the mothers of the disappeared.”

“We are totally opposed to internment without a trial so we will be supporting [the proposal],” said John O’Kane, SDLP.

12 councillors, including members of Sinn Fein and the SDLP voted for sending the letter to the secretary of state, while 10 members of the unionist parties; the UUP and DUP, voted against it.


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