Union flag can fly at Ardoyne parade (UTV)
The Parades Commission has clarified the details of its determination for the Orange Order’s Twelfth parade at Ardoyne in north Belfast.
In its original ruling the watchdog said that the Pride of Ardoyne should pass the flashpoint on the Crumlin Road with no music, no flying of flags and no supporters on its return leg.
But the Commission, after consulting with police, say this determination does not include union flags, which can be unfurled.
North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds has said he welcomes the clarification, which he had sought.
“There has been widespread outrage that the Parades Commission imposed the restriction that ‘all flags must be furled’.”
Mr Dodds branded this restriction as “a serious error” and once again called for the replacement of the Commission with new structures.
“There should never have been any question over the flying of our national flag and I welcome this clarification.
“We should be moving increasingly towards the normalisation of parades and away from these needless restrictions which cause deep offence and interrupt the dignity of parades.”
Restrictions have also been placed on a counter-march by residents. The Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective won’t be allowed to gather on the Crumlin Road at the same time as the Orange parade, but will be allowed to protest along Berwick Road and Estoril Park to the junction of Estoril Park and Balholm Drive.
Sinn Féin Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness visited the area on Monday afternoon and said residents were keen to avoid any scenes of violence.
“It is quite clear from my discussions with local residents in Ardoyne that they do not want to see any violence within this community tomorrow before, during or after the Orange Parade,” he said.
“It is important that anybody from outside this community who is intent on travelling here tomorrow hears that message loud and clear.”
He added that talks between communities and the Orange Order were needed to resolve any remaining contentious parades, branding it “unacceptable” for residents to be “held to ransom” on an annual basis.
“We witnessed over the weekend and previously in east Belfast that there are elements who want to exploit tensions around the marching season in order to destabilise the political situation and inflict violence on local communities,” Mr McGuinness said.
“This must be resisted in the days ahead.”



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