Shaun Woodward ha annunciato che gli esiti della Saville Inquiry saranno resi noti alle famiglie nell’arco di pochi giorni dalla consegna del documento

Una ventata di ottimismo ha rianimato i familiari delle vittime della Bloody Sunday, dopo l’annuncio in serata del segretario di stato Shaun Woodward.
In occasione di una visita a sorpresa a Derry di Woodward e McGuinness, il segretario di stato ha promesso ai familiari delle vittime di rilasciare i risultati della relazione,  entro pochi giorni dalla consegna del documento dallo stesso Lord Saville al governo.

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Major development for Bloody Sunday families (U TV)
There has been a major development regarding the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, with the Saville report expected within weeks.
On Thursday night, the Secretary of State promised to release the findings to the families just days after the report is handed over to the government by Lord Saville.
The plan was revealed during a surprise visit to Londonderry by Shaun Woodward and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to meet the relatives.
It came ahead of a meeting between the Bloody Sunday families and Alliance leader David Ford, after criticism of his attitude towards the Saville Inquiry.
Mr Ford, tipped to take the justice minister post, referred to the inquiry as “pointless” in an email to political colleagues, ahead of a parliamentary question session.
The Alliance leader said he regretted that offence had been caused: “I’ve already requested my staff set up a meeting which I gather some of the relations want.”
“I don’t think I’m the only person in this society who thinks spending £200m to enrich a small group of lawyers is necessarily the best way of handling the issue.”
Both the SDLP and Sinn Fein have denounced the comment.
Sinn Fein Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has called on Mr Ford to withdraw the remark: “He should do the honorable thing and request a meeting at the earliest convenience with the families.
“David Ford’s ill-advised comments regarding the Saville Inquiry are offensive and hurtful to the Bloody Sunday families who have campaigned with dignified resolve to expose the truth about the murders of their loved ones.”
While Foyle MP Mark Durkan has condemned Mr Ford’s choice of words as insensitive.
But the Alliance leader said that he has never been disparaging to the victims’ families.
“I have never denigrated the victims. I believe they were the victims of violence perpetrated by members of the parachute regiment which should not have happened. That was a crime.
“My issue is over the proceedings of Saville.”


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