Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 06/02/15

Republican Prisoners Brutalised

Republican Political Prisoners wish to set the record straight regarding recent events on the Republican Wing. On Monday 2nd February at approximately 10.30am an alarm was hit by Jail Staff outside of Roe 4 which resulted in the Republican Wing being totally shut down. When this alarm sounded several prisoners were on the landing. The Duty Senior Officer, Paul Brown, approached a Republican Prisoner and asked would they be locking up and he was told yes. As these Prisoners were proceeding to return to the locked areas of the wing the notorious Jail Riot Squad charged onto the landing. The SO made physical and verbal efforts to stop them stating they weren’t needed. They dismissed his physical and verbal protestations; shoving him out of the way.
One Prisoner, Martin Kelly, was making his way to his cell when the Riot Squad gripped him in arm-locks. What proceeded was a sustained assault; an eight strong Riot Squad dragged Martin to the floor and trailed him to his cell where they continued to beat him. Throughout this event SO Paul Brown shouted repeatedly that there was “no call for this”. Martin has been denied access to an outside hospital unless he accepts a forced strip-search by the same squad that brutalised him. He has a suspected broken arm and has received 5 stitches to his face which a nurse stated were caused by his being stamped upon. He has abrasions to his neck as a result of him being choked. He has swelling and fluid at the base of his skull which a doctor stated was a result of being punched. A known SET nurse close to the Riot Squad was asked by Republican Prisoners the extent of Martin’s injuries. She refused to engage other than to smirk and state “he’s fine”. Complaints have been lodged about this individual with the Jail Administration, Prisoner Ombudsman and David Ford’s Assessment Team.
Martin’s injuries have thus far been seen by Tom McGonigle the Prisoner Ombudsman, David Ford’s Assessment Team and others. The same people have also spoken to another Prisoner who had been kicked in the testicles by a member of Jail Staff on Sunday 1st February as he was being locked in his cell and has been refused medical treatment despite passing blood in his urine. This occurred after dozens of Jail Staff were brought onto Republican landings. During this period, serial abuser and Senior Riot Squad member, Harry Evans, shouted disgusting sexual obscenities about Republican Prisoners’ wives. Despite Evans’ comments being reported to the Prisoner Ombudsman and the Jail Administration he was then selected to lead the lock-up operation on Monday evening directed by Governor Brian Armour. We are on record as stating that we believe those responsible for beating Martin should be prevented from interacting with Republican Political Prisoners. Discussions are currently taking place with a view to refusing searches from those concerned.
We have documented all of this and ask the Prisoner Ombudsman to seize all available footage and we are eager to correct all the accusations and falsehoods levelled by Unionist media, David Ford, Sue McAllister and others. Beatings, intimidation, politicking and deceit have not worked in the past; they will not work today or in the future. We are determined now more than ever to accept nothing short of the full and immediate implementation of the August 2010 Agreement.
Republican Political Prisoners
Roe House


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