Fourth pipe bomb found in Belfast – Police investigate link to three previous alerts (Belfast Telegraph)

Three explosive devices were discovered in the north, south and west of the city on Thursday morning

Police are investigating a link with a fourth security alert in Belfast after a further viable pipe bomb was discovered near a car in west Belfast.

On Thursday evening Lisburn police were alerted to the suspect object near a car in the Colinbrook area.

It comes after three explosive devices were discovered in the north, south and west of the city on Thursday morning.

Controlled explosions were carried out on two of the devices by Army bomb experts, while a third device planted under a car partially exploded before it could be defused. sparking a series of major security alerts.

The caller was advised not to approach or touch the object while a police operation was launched and the PSNI helicopter was deployed.

After further information was supplied by a member of the public, police arrived and evacuated homes in the area.

Residents were taken to a nearby nearby community centre while army bomb experts examined the object which was later declared as a viable pipe bomb device.

Residents were allowed to return home around 3am.

Inspector McGuigan said: “I would like to take the opportunity to thank members of the local community for their patience and understanding throughout this operation, and would utterly condemn those responsible for placing this device which had the potential to kill or seriously injured

“At this stage of our inquiries we are investigating a link between this incident and the three viable devices in Belfast yesterday and would appeal for anyone with any information which may assist our inquiries to contact us.”

Police in Lisburn are particularly keen to hear form anyone who may have noticed anyone acting suspiciously in the Colinbrook Gardens area at any time on Thursday 5 February to contact them on the non-emergency number 101.

Or if someone would like to pass information without giving their details they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann condemned those responsible.

“This morning we are seeing major disruption to the community in Colinbrook in Poleglass due to another device being left under a car.

“Families preparing to go to work and get their children ready for school have now been moved out of their homes due to this incident.

She added: “I am calling on people who have any information to bring it forward so that we can remove these people from our community.”

The Belfast Telegraph learned that three bombs discovered on Thursday have been linked to feuding dissident republicans engaged in a bitter drugs war.

Police sources revealed that the devices “did not contain high explosives”.

“The main line of inquiry at the minute is that the three devices are linked to known drug dealers, likely with dissident republican connections. It looks like a feud over drugs,” a police source added.


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