Terrorist immunity: Troubles group says justice is the only way (News Letter)

Innocent Victims United (IVU) said last night that it was “not in anyone’s gift…to give away or trade justice” in the form of immunity for former terrorists.

IVU spokesman Kenny Donaldson was commenting after the group met a DUP delegation to discuss the party backing immunity from prosecution in cases where Troubles victims supported such a move.

“We restate our view that a genuine criminal investigation process, which has the scope and will to hold all those guilty of murder and crime, irrespective of the position they may occupy within the peace or political processes, is the only show in town,” he said.

In yesterday’s News Letter Willie Frazer, spokesman for victims group FAIR, said he would personally consider granting immunity to the IRA men who murdered his father Bertie in 1975. However, he is adamant the vast majority of victims he is in contact with are firmly set on “justice or nothing” and want to see killers jailed.

“Immunity is something I am interested in looking at in my own case but a lot of details still need to be discussed. I would want to know the ins and outs of all that went on in his murder. The reason this is so important is to stop the rewriting of history and the glorification of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, Ulster Unionist justice spokesman Tom Elliott has welcomed the principles of the IVU covenant in ‘Dealing with the Past’. He said: “The nine point covenant describes the many serious concerns within the innocent victims sector. These include a clear statement that an amnesty for terrorists is not acceptable and that a truth commission is unworkable.”


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