A Fake Economy In A Fake State (An Sionnach Fionn)

The benefits of Britain’s continued colonial rule over the north-east of Ireland? Fake shops for a fake economy. From the BBC:

“Fermanagh is having a £1m makeover as it prepares to host the G8 summit and the world’s media in June.

For the last month shoppers have had to dodge ladders and scaffolding as dozens of painters have given a fresh coat of paint to 150 shops and businesses in Enniskillen.

Some empty shops and restaurants in towns and villages throughout the county have also had photographic images attached to their windows to make them look like thriving businesses.

One, a former butcher’s shop in Belcoo, appears to have an open door leading into a shop stocked full of fresh meat, but it has been locked up for more than a year.

These “fake” shop fronts have made headlines on the other side of the Atlantic.

Critics say it is a shallow attempt by the council to make the place look better than it actually is and an attempt to put a mask on a recession that has hit the local area very badly.”

A fake state with a fake economy based upon a fake democracy. Welcome to “Northern Ireland”!

Of course turning Enniskillen into a paper-thin, feel-good studio set for the international news media is nothing to the lock-down that is going to take place in the county of Fermanagh (and neighbouring counties) in a few weeks time. Thousands of British troops and police – paramilitary and otherwise – are about to descend on the county in a veritable Army of Occupation not seen since the worse days of the Northern War. Phones lines, mobile signals, internet traffic and road communications are to be restricted or blocked altogether. In some areas people will be confined to their homes or districts. Gangs of heavily armed gunmen – or British soldiers if you prefer – will be roaming the highways and byways of the county training their weapons on any of the local citizenry tempted to protest their open-air incarceration.

And why? So that the government of Britain can fool the international community into believing that Ireland is British? And our government, Rialtais na hÉireann or the Government of Ireland, and the Sinn Féin component of the power-sharing regional government in the north-east of the country is going along with it? Ah well, it will be another good day for British rule and misrule in Ireland that they can chalk up with the other recent good days handed to them on a platter.


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