RSF took the protest one step further (RSF)

A protest was held outside the British policing board meeting in An Cultúrlann, West Belfast on November 12. The Vice-President of Republican Sinn Féin, Geraldine Taylor, took the protest one step further and entered the building where the meeting was in progress on the second floor.

Geraldine approached the microphone and directly addressed the Provisionals. She told them that they were ‘a disgrace to be sitting here today with the British police, the RUC, while the country is still occupied’.

“These are the people who murdered and maimed the nationalist people for many years, and would do the same thing today. By sitting here with them you are part and parcel of it all. You now run the Six Counties [under British rule] for the British establishment. Years ago you would have shot informers, but now you are the informers.”

Having had her say Geraldine walked out of the meeting.

Speaking to a representative of the SAOIRSE newspaper last night Geraldine reiterated that this collaboration is nothing short of treachery. “The only way forward is a New Ireland as set out in Éire Nua, not a New Stormont with the same British colonial police force,” Geraldine Taylor said.



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