RAAD ‘exploit’ police raids (Derry Journal)

Published on Tuesday 12 June 2012 12:45
A Creggan man has accused Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) of “exploiting” a police raid on his home to heighten tensions in the area.
The man, who asked not to be named, has also branded claims that a local community worker “facilitated” the recent police operation at his home as “total and utter rubbish.”
“This group, along with others, are trying to create trouble where there is none,” he told the ‘Journal’.
“They say they are the protectors of republican communities in Derry but, as far as I can see it, they’re only creating divisions between people living in these areas.
“These people are ruining Derry. They’re shooting young people for no reason. They say they’re protecting our community. That’s a joke.”
The man said he had decided to speak out after the recent police operation at his home had been “used and exploited”.
He said: “Certain people, including RAAD, are putting it about that a well-known community worker in some way facilitated the police while they were raiding my home. This could not be further from the truth.
“The only reason this person was at my home was to enquire about my welfare. While this person was going out of his way to look after my rights, there were others who used the incident to organise a riot.”
Last week, the ‘Journal’ reported that tensions in the Creggan Estate had reached a “dangerous” new level.
Community leaders warned of a “great deal of unrest and concern” following a number of incidents which, they said, culminated in the “vilification” of a local community worker whose name appeared in slogans daubed on walls in various parts of the city.
A statement signed by more than 40 community workers said they were anxious to discuss “all relevant issues” with “anyone interested in promoting the common good for our community.”
The community leaders also branded the spate of graffiti as “dangerous and irresponsible.”



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