Statement from the Family & Friends of Republican Prisoners, Maghaberry

9th May 2012

Since Monday 30th April 2012, prisoners on the Republican Collective Landing have been denied ALL medical consultations. The denial of medical consultations has come on the back of Maghaberry introducing a new policy whereby they are demanding that prisoners now change their clothing before speaking to a doctor or nurse. The prisoners have and will continue to shower prior to any medical consultation but the new policy which would require them to go to a decontamination cell and change their clothing before and after a two minute consultation is totally unacceptable to the prisoners. After several complaints it has become apparent that the medical staff have no issue with seeing the prisoners without the need for a change of clothing but as usual the denial of these consultations lies solely with the prison admin. Once again the denial of human rights to political prisoners remains the norm in Maghaberry. We the Family & Friends are highly concerned with this new development and call on people to apply pressure were possible and support the POWs on protest.

Mandy Duffy PRO
Family & Friends of Republican Prisoners, Maghaberry


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