Derry mother says British spook sexually assaulted her (Sunday World)
The wife of a dissident republican prisoner has accused a British intelligence officer of making sexual advances towards her as he tried to recruit her as a spy.
Mother-of-three, Lorraine Taylor, broke down crying as she told the Sunday World how the man allegedly hugged and kissed her against her will in her own home.
“He said he remembered seeing me 17 years ago during a house raid in Derry and how I’d had lovely dark hair and been wearing a pair of black leather trousers,” Taylor said. “He told me I’d been ‘some eye candy’.”
The Derry mother said she’s now terrified to be in her own home: “The whole ordeal has left me really upset. I’ve enough to cope with raising three children on my own, one of whom is severely disabled.”
Taylor is taking legal action against the security services for sexual assault and intimidation. Her solicitor, Kevin Winters, described the alleged incident as “one of the most sinister I’ve ever come across”.
Tony Taylor is currently in Maghaberry prison on remand, facing charges of possessing a rifle. He denies the charges. He was previously arrested for explosives offences in 1994 and served six years in the H-Blocks as a Provisional IRA prisoner.
Lorraine Taylor (40) described how two members of the security services arrived at her home in the Farmhill area of Derry last week just after her kids had left for school.
“When I answered the door, they just walked into the house uninvited. I wasn’t even properly dressed. They told me not to worry, they were there to chat and not arrest me.”
Taylor claimed one of the spooks then told her that if she “co-operated” with them and got her husband to abandon republicanism, he could be released on bail in days.
The Derry mother said the spooks only left her house when she told them that a home-help was due to arrive any minute to look after her disabled son.
“As he was leaving, the intelligence officer who did all the talking reached forward and hugged and kissed me against my will. I told him to stop it. He made sexual remarks about remembering how nice I’d looked when he first saw me 17 years ago.
“The whole thing has scared the life out of me. I can’t sleep at night.”
Tony Taylor is a member of the dissident republican political group, the Republican Network for Unity. Last month, he was refused bail after police objections.


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