Iniziati da Ballymena il conteggio dei voti della tornata elettorale del 5 maggio 2011. Affluenza in calo in ogni circoscrizione

Minimo comune denomitore della tornata elettorale di ieri 5 maggio 2011, è il sensibile calo dell’affluenza alle urne.
A cominciare da East Antrim che ha registrato un’affluenza pari al 47.8% contro il 53.5% registrato in occasione delle ultime elezioni all’Assembly nel 2007.
7% in meno nella circoscrizione del Foyle, dove è stato registrato una partecipazione del 57% degli aventi diritto al voto.
Nell’Upper Bann, affluenza al 55,3% contro il 61,1% nelle precedenti elezioni dell’Assembly.
I risultati definitivi si sapranno solo nel tardo pomeriggio di oggi, ma solo sabato sera si sapranno i nomi dei 108 MLAs.
Intanto Ken Reid, cronista politico di UTV, afferma di non aspettarsi sorprese di rilievo.
“E’ previsto che non ci sarà un grande cambiamento e che, di fatto, avremo il DUP e lo Sinn Féin quali principali partiti”.
“Ma, ci sono un certo numero di circoscrizioni dove le gare si fanno molto interessanti. Circoscrizioni come Strangford, South Down, East Antrim, e anche Lagan Valley”.
Il conteggio viene gestita da circa 1.200 operatori elettorali presso i centri sparsi in tutto il Paese, che stanno vagliando il contenuto di più di 4.000 urne.

Si invita i lettori a seguire i constanti aggiornamenti su UTV, alla seguente pagina Live Blog: Election Results (si raccomanda il periodico refresh della pagina)

Aggiornamenti anche da BBC News, Northern Ireland Elections

Articoli Correlati

First election turnouts ‘lower’ (UTV)
The counting of the votes begins in Ballymena, Co Antrim
Early indications suggest the overall turnout at the ballot box for the Assembly election may be a record low as the count gets underway across the region.
Ballot boxes are being opened and verified at polling centres after a relatively low key canvassing campaign.
The first turnout confirmed was in the East Antrim constituency at 47.8% which was down compared to previous elections. The tally was 53.5% in the last Assembly election in 2007.
In the Foyle constituency, the turnout wass recorded as 57%. This represented a decrease of 7% on the previous Assembly election.
Meanwhile, in Upper Bann, 55.3% was the confirmed turnout which was also down from 61.1% in the previous Assembly election.
Results are expected to start coming in on Friday afternoon, but it will be Saturday evening before all 108 new MLAs are elected.
The count is being handled by almost 1,200 election workers at centres across the country, who are sifting through the contents of more than 4,000 ballot boxes.
They are dealing with the Stormont papers first, with votes cast in the UK-wide referendum on the AV voting system to be tallied later. Results for the local council elections will not be known until the start of next week.
UTV’s political editor Ken Reid says he is not expecting any major surprises.
“It’s expected that there won’t be a great change and that, in fact, we will have the DUP and Sinn Féin back as the main parties,” he said.
“But, there are a number of constituencies where there are very interesting contests – constituencies like Strangford, south Down, east Antrim, Lagan Valley even. In virtually every constituency there will be a question over the sixth seat so I’ll be studying that quite closely,” he added.
The deputy leader of Ulster Unionist Party John McAllister will have a fight on his hands in south Down and elsewhere in the party, there may be a question mark over Michael McGimpsey in south Belfast, he predicted.
UTV reporter Gareth Wilkinson is at the Foyle count centre, where he says we can expect an interesting battle between nationalism.
He said: “Foyle has always been considered the SDLP‘s stronghold. Sinn Féin have long coveted that title. The SDLP currently have three seats – Sinn Féin have two.”
UTV’s Jane Loughrey is reporting in the North Antrim constituency, where she says the DUP are hoping their brand is strong enough to return three seats – despite no members of the Paisley family standing for election.
However, she said all eyes were on TUV leader Jim Allister when he arrived at the count centre.
UTV journalists are providing updates via Twitter to ensure the strongest possible content and analysis as it happens from the eight count centres in Newtownards, Newtownabbey, Ballymena, Omagh, Belfast, Banbridge, Lisburn and Londonderry.
Find out which reporter will be at your count centre
The latest assembly results will be available, as they happen, online. Our election microsite will provide in-depth results from each constituency, with a live results ticker onscreen.
Our team is live blogging to keep users up-to-date with the latest developments, reactions and videos from your area, also giving the chance to have your say. They will also be blogging from 9.30am on Saturday.
Television viewers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments on the UTV Live Election Specials, which begin on Friday at 12.30pm with a one hour preview; followed by a two and a half hour results special at 4pm and half hour updates at 8pm and 10.30pm.


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