Allarmi sicurezza a Belfast e Derry

Stato di allerta scattato con il ritrovamente di un dispositivo sospetto, alle 14.30 circa in Fort Street, West Belfast. Evacuate alcune abitazioni i cui occupanti sono ospitati presso la  St. Paul’s Church Hall, in Cavendish Street.
Artificieri all’opera.
Si è concluso invece l’allarme sicurezza che nella mattinata aveva causato disagi a Derry, con l’evacuazione di 18 abitazioni dell’area di Fort Street.
Un dispositivo sospetto era stato rinvenuto alle 7,45 circa,  sul parabrezza di un’auto in sosta in Kinnego Park.
Mark Durkan (SDLP) ha affermato che l’incidente ha causato paura e preoccupazione tra i residenti locali.
“Le persone hanno dovuto essere evacuate dalle loro case, e questo ha causato una grande angoscia all’interno della comunità”.

Homes evacuated in second city alert (UTV)
A number of homes have been evacuated amid a security alert in west Belfast.
The suspect object was discovered in the Fort Street area at around 2.30pm.
Army bomb experts have been tasked.
St. Paul’s Church Hall on Cavendish Street has been opened to accommodate evacuated residents.
Meanwhile, the disruption caused by a security alert in Londonderry – which has now ended – has been condemned.
About 18 homes were evacuated in the Foyle Springs area of the city, after a suspicious object was found on the windscreen of a car on Monday morning.
The discovery, at Kinnego Park, was reported at 7.45am and army bomb experts were sent to investigate.
SDLP Derry City councillor Mark H Durkan said the incident had caused fear and worry among local residents.
“People have had to be evacuated from their homes and this has caused a great deal of angst within the community,” he said.
“I urge anybody with information to pass it to the police. These incidents cannot continue.”
Northlands Sinn Féin councillor Maeve McLaughlin also condemned those responsible.
“No one’s home or car should be targeted in this way. We have now upwards of twenty families being forced out of their homes,” she said.
“This is a very upsetting situation for many local residents.”
“It is obvious that the people behind leaving such devices are out of touch with the will of the vast majority of the people of Derry who want to move forward without this type of disruption.”
The device was found to be a hoax.


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