Sembra crescere la tensione tra i leaders del Sinn Fein, soprattutto quando Gerry Adams pur condannando gli attentati alla base armata di Massereene e a Craigavon, non ha appoggiato l’accusa di tradimento sbandierata da Martin McGuinness.
Proprio il Vice Primo Ministro nordirlandese ha ribadito  le sue parole di condanna, in occasione della manifestazione per i festeggiamenti del S. Patrick Day, a cui ha partecipato a fianco del Primo Ministro Peter Robinson.
Un funzionario britannico di lunga esperienza ha dichiarato come sia cambianto Martin McGuinness negli ultimi anni, a differenza di Gerry Adams con cui ha dominato il repubblicanesimo irlandese per 4 decenni.
Lunedi, Gerry Adams ha approfittato di una conferenza stampa a Washington, per affermare che è importante “non esagerare” l’impatto delle uccisioni.
Il presidente del Sinn Fein, apparso stanco e deflazionato, ha ammonito il governo britannico “di non opporre risistenza alle richieste di un ritorno alle pratiche del passato “. Al contrario Martin McGuinness ha invece dichiarato che il comportamento attuale dei dissidenti, non porterà ad un’Irlanda unita nemmeno tra un milione di anni.

Tension grows between McGuinness and Adams (Belfast Telegraph)
Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister, has distanced himself from his Sinn Fein colleague Gerry Adams by issuing a strong condemnation of the recent killings in Northern Ireland.
His description of the shootings of two soldiers and a policeman as a futile attempt by “tiny micro groups” to create “mayhem and destruction” stood in contrast to those from Mr Adams last week.
His words, delivered at a St Patrick’s Day event in Washington as he stood alongside Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland’s First Minister, came amid growing reports of tension between the former IRA commander and his republican comrade.
A British official with long experience of the Irish issue said that “McGuinness has changed but Adams has not” while a senior Unionist politician said that there was tension and rivalry between the two figures who have dominated Irish republicanism for almost four decades.
The Unionist source said: “We’ve sucked McGuinness into the process while Adams is still partly outside. It’s obvious that McGuinness enjoys being a minister and Adams doesn’t like that.”
Mr Adams, Sinn Fein’s president, appeared increasingly isolated as Brian Cowen, the Irish prime minister, Mr McGuinness and Mr Robinson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, were feted at the White House by President Barack Obama, who said that the killers were “mired in the past” and would fail.
He said: “Every peace process is challenged by those who would seek to destroy it. And no one ever believed that this extraordinary endeavour would be any different.
“We knew that there would be setbacks; we knew that there would be false starts. We knew that the opponents of peace would trot out the same old tired violence of the past in hopes that this young agreement would be too fragile to hold.”
But, he added: “After seeing former adversaries mourning and praying and working together this week, I’ve never been more confident that peace will prevail.”
Mr Adams has delivered equivocal condemnations of the fatal shootings of Sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21, and Constable Stephen Carroll, 48, in two separate incidents last week.
After Mr McGuinness used the phrase “traitors to Ireland to describe the Real IRA and Continuity IRA dissident splinter groups, Mr Adams pointedly declined to follow suit.
On Monday, Mr Adams used a press conference in Washington to state that it was important that “we do not exaggerate” the impact of the killings, which were “against the grain of popular and public opinion”.
The Sinn Fein president, 60, who seemed tired and deflated, warned the British government “to resist any temptation or demands for a return to the bad practices of the past” when “faceless, nameless, anonymous, unaccountable groups were allowed a licence to kill”.
Mr McGuinness, 58, however, did not rule out additional security measures and was withering in his assessment of the dissidents. “The argument, of course, that their mouthpieces put forward is that this will lead to bringing about a reunification of Ireland.
“Well, I have to say that against the backdrop of the success of putting in place the Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews agreement that their strategy will not lead to a united Ireland in a million years.”
Some, however, urged caution in interpreting the contrasts between the language and demeanours of the two Sinn Fein leaders, citing Mr McGuinness’s ministerial role and Mr Adams’s desire to prevent more republicans moving over to the dissident camp.
“I’m delighted at the optics of McGuinness and Adams standing together on this,” said one veteran figure closely involved in the Irish peace process. “But there’s a tactical element too with different messages to different people.
“While there’s mistrust and jealously between McGuinness and Adams, what’s happening is both an act and a personal battle. Which percentage is which, I just don’t know.”
The British official tempered his praise of the “historic” use of the terms “traitors to Ireland” by pointing out that there was yet more that Mr McGuinness could do.
“He clearly knows who carried out these murders. The most fundamental change of all would be if he handed over the names and information to the police.”

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  • republicana vera

    Martin e Gerry ci sono litigati? O questo e un “smokescreen” per evitare che altre persone lasciano lo sinn fein? Sembra che dopo la settimana scorsa e Marty che ci ha chiamato “traditori” tante persone hanno lasciato lo SinnFein (o Shame Feign) e questo sarebbe un modo per tenirli buoni. Marty e Gerry non hanno litigato per davvero, fanno finta per non perdere controllo del partito.

    "Mi piace"


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