Brits Attempting to Criminalise Republican Prisoners After Release! – Saoradh Statement

Saoradh wish to condemn and highlight the continuing repressive measures being imposed by Britain against recently released Republican Prisoners.

While the Republican Prisoner community remains one of the most marginalised and discriminated against sectors of our society, Britain intends to further restrict and coerce those who are released from their captivity.

In contravention of accepted and long-established norms, a number of POWs recently released on licence have been subjected to draconian conditions more akin to those also imposed unjustly on Republicans released on bail.

In the most recent case, three Republicans from Derry released yesterday have been informed that they will be subject to a night time curfew until such time as determined by the PSNI, are banned from attending certain events and partaking in non-specified activities.

Others released on licence previously have also been banned from returning within a miles wide radius of their family home and have been provided with a list of people “not to be associated with”.

These conditions are a direct contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights Articles relating to the rights to family life, free speech, political expression and assembly.

This deviation from the previously accepted protocols relating to the early release of Republican Prisoners is a continuation of Britain’s criminalisation and degradation policies within their gaols in Ireland. It should be resisted and opposed by all Republicans.

For our part, Saoradh will help and support any Republican Prisoner forced into enduring such restrictive measures.


Saoradh PRO Department


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