Finucane 25th anniversary vigil to be held (UTV)

A candle-light vigil has taken place on Sunday evening to mark the 25th anniversary of the murder of Belfast solicitor, Pat Finucane.

It was held at the junction of Fortwilliam Drive and Antrim Road.

Mr Finucane was shot dead by UDA/UFF gunmen at his north Belfast home in 12 February, 1989 as he sat down to dinner with his wife and three children.

Allegations of collusion between security forces and loyalists surrounded the 38-year-old’s murder.

In December 2012, a 500-page report into the solicitor’s death – ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron and headed up by Sir Desmond de Silva QC – found that agents of the state were involved in the murder and that it should have been prevented.

It also found that there was no state conspiracy in the fatal shooting, but found “shocking” levels of state collusion.

His widow, Geraldine Finucane, who was injured in the gun attack, has campaigned for an independent inquiry for more than two decades and did not want what she described as a behind-closed-doors review of documents.

At the time of the report’s release, Mrs Finucane said her family had been “misled and humiliated in a cruel and unnecessary fashion” when they were invited to Downing Street in 2011, only to be told that there would be no public inquiry, but instead a review.

On Monday, she will travel with her son Michael to the United States to call, again, for a public inquiry into the murder.

Speaking to UTV, Michael said: “Myself and my mother Geraldine are travelling to New York to join up with some friends and supporters who’ve been very active and very much involved in the campaign for a public inquiry into my father’s murder for all of the last 25 years.”

The city of New York on the first anniversary of Pat Finucane’s murder made a formal proclamation to the effect that the murder of a lawyer in the circumstances in which my father was murdered constituted an attack on the rule of law and had to be investigated and exposed by the authorities at the earliest possible opportunity.
Michael Finucane, son of murdered solicitor

“Since then, given all of the information that has come out about the circumstances surrounding my father’s murder the level of support in New York has steadily increased – including organisations like the New York Bar, the Mayor’s Office and the City Comptroller’s Office.

“This week, we are participating in some meetings and events that will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the murder of Pat Finucane.

“The level of support that we have received over the years [from America] could not but make you feel optimistic. No matter how difficult things might seem at home, we have the standing support of many New York congressmen. We also have the standing support of the former senator for New York Hillary Clinton.”

Sunday evening’s vigil is one of a number of events being held this week to mark the anniversary.


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