PM hails NI as G8 leaders depart (UTV)

Northern Ireland has been called an “inspiration to the world” as the G8 summit in Co Fermanagh ended with the signing of the Lough Erne Declaration.

“Twenty five years ago, when a terrible bomb attack killed 11 people just a few miles down the road from here, a G8 conference would have been unimaginable,” he said.

“But today the world has seen a new Northern Ireland that is not only beautiful but open for business, and that is bringing down the peace walls that separated its people for so long.

“It is a transformation that can be an inspiration to the rest of the world and all the G8 leaders have commented on how remarkable it is to hold the G8 here and what a powerful message it sent, and what it meant to them.”

Northern Ireland is determined to be defined by a shared future and not a divided past.

David Cameron
The leaders released a 10-point declaration on Tuesday following two days of talks. It is designed to tackle tax evasion and promote free trade around the world.

The UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia signed up to “fight the scourge of tax evasion” by improving transparency and clamping down on tax dodgers.

Mr Cameron explained: “We agreed a Lough Erne declaration that has the potential to rewrite the rules on tax and transparency for the benefit of countries right across the world, including the poorest countries in the world.

“We have commissioned a new international mechanism that will identify where multinational companies are earning their profits and paying their taxes so we can track and expose those who aren’t paying their fair share.”

The leaders also agreed a joint position on Syria, saying they are “committed to achieving a political solution to the crisis based on a vision for a united, inclusive and democratic Syria”.

It endorses plans to restart peace talks in Geneva “as soon as possible”.

It came after difficult talks between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the issue on Monday night.


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