Willie Frazer launches new ‘anti-politics’ party (NewsLetter)

A new political party seemingly born out of the flag protests will be launched on Wednesday.

The party, which the Electoral Commission confirmed has been registered with it, will be called The Protestant Coalition and describes itself as an “anti-politics political party”.

Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer, who has been heavily involved in the party’s formation, told the News Letter that the party would not have a leader and that its constitution would mean that it is dissolved in three years “if our politicians get their act together”.

Mr Frazer, who is out on bail on foot of charges stemming from the Union Flag protests, is precluded by the High Court from discussing issues related to the protests and the south Armagh man would not comment on whether the party was linked to the protests.

However, the party’s aims, as set out by Mr Frazer and the party website, would appear to closely mirror those of the flag protesters. In rhetoric reminiscent of a young Ian Paisley, the party website vows to “oppose all unionist appeasers”.

Mr Frazer said that the building of a ‘peace centre’ at the site of the Maze Prison and the perceived inaction of unionism’s leaders were central to the motivation of those behind the party.

The party will be launched at the La Mon Hotel in the Castlereagh Hills, the scene of one of the IRA’s most barbaric attacks where more than three decades ago 12 people died and 30 were injured, some horrifically, in a vast fireball.

Mr Frazer said that the new party would be “working with the smaller [unionist] parties” and said that he believed people would be “surprised at our capabilities”.

“We’ve constituted to be dissolved in three years if our politicians get their act together so we are working to put ourselves out of a job.”

He said that the party would not have a single leader: “There’s not going to be a leader as such. There’ll be a committee, but no overall boss; it will be made up of people from all backgrounds.

“The unionist and loyalist people have had enough.”

When asked why he was not joining the TUV — who would appear to share many of his political views — Mr Frazer said that there were people in various parties with whom he could agree and the new party would work with parties such as the TUV, UKIP and the PUP.

He said “The PUP have been saying a lot of things lately which we couldn’t disagree with; this is not about dividing people. We are prepared to work with anybody who puts country before politics. We’re just sick and tired of empty promises.”

The new party’s website, which gives a postal box in Newtownards as its address, claims that the group has distributed 50,000 leaflets opposing the Maze ‘shrine’.

The website also claims that the party “operates a professional media relations department” which has “years of experience in fighting back against media lies and distortions”.

The website also says that the party will operate a unique strategy for media relations. It says: “We rigorously enforce a “one strike and out” policy with regard to journalists – if any journalists resorts to lies, distortions and unfounded allegations, we never deal with that individual again.”


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