Breaking news: David Cameron urged tonight – protect the innocent from terrorists (Belfast Daily)

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron was urged tonight to protect innocent people from stalking republican killers.

The message was sent directly to his No10 Downing Street residence in London this evening as cops launched a £10,000 reward to catch prison officer David Black’s killers.

Belfast Daily has tonight obtained a copy of the message from a group who claim to have 10,000 followers.

The group was set up to initially to oppose the Parades Commission.

It also wants to bring down the Stormont government and is calling for the DUP to end its relationship with Sinn Fein who it describes a “mouth piece for dissident republicans”.

However, following the murder of prison officer David Black, the group has now turned their sights on David Cameron’s coalition government.

It reads: “Dear Mr Cameron,

“How much more is your government going to facilitate those intent on brushing the murders of innocent people in Northern Ireland under the carpet in order to paint a peaceful picture of this country?

“The majority of right thinking people in Northern Ireland want peace, but for that you must address the terrorists, instead of putting them into government and paying them off.

“Show leadership and zero tolerance when it comes to murderers.

“Senior elected members of our government are pictured laughing and joking with the same people arrested for these murders and yet they remain in office and the people arrested walk free.
“How corrupt are those at the heart of government and why are they not challenged by yourselves?
“We have innocent people’s human rights being trampled on to appease these terrorists.
“Everything you are fighting against overseas be it on a bigger scale is happening right in your back garden. All we are asking is for you to protect your own from terrorists as you do in far off countries.”

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