We the Nationalist residents of Newtownbutler want to make clear our total and resolute opposition to any proposed Loyalist march through the village of Newtownbutler on the 6th of July were there will be over 20 Loyalist bands decending on the village. It is our belief that these marches are being planned by various loyalist organisations responsible solely to raise tensions and promote triumphalist and sectarian attitudes.
It is clear that the residents of Newtownbutler are completely opposed to these marches through the village, a village which has an overwhelming majority of a 98% nationalist population. The feelings of the residents have been made clear both to the Border Defenders and the parades commission.

The Border defenders bandsmen do not live in the village, they are coming from outside Newtownbutler in an attempt to further highlight their views that their nationalist neighbours do not deserve to be treated in a respectful manner.

We have seen first hand the result of facilitating unwanted parades in the past during the Garvaghy road crisis. The decision was taken to end the intimidation of residents there and that was the right decision then and we believe it is the right decision to take now. We will not stand idly by while another community is subjected to the ugly manifestation of sectarianism that these marches represent.

Finally to those Loyalists who are planning to come and cause trouble on the 6th of July we would ask you to stay away from Newtownbutler as you are not welcome. In the future we believe there should be no Loyalist marches in the village whatsoever.

We call on the Nationalist community of Ireland to Please come and support us the concerned residents of Newtownbutler on friday 6th of July as we need your help.

John Connolly spokesperson
Newtownbutler Area Residents Coalition (NARC)

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