My brother Gary became the latest victim of selective internment this week (Seachranaidhe1)
My brother Gary became the latest victim of selective internment this week. He was arrested after a family funeral on Thursday and is now being held in the MagHaberry Gaol hell hole on charges dating back to 1986. Gary dedicated most of his life to the republican cause. He spent many years (Sentences totaling 20 years)rotting in various gaols for being a republican activist and for taking part in… the resistance against the occupation of Ireland. There are those who will say things have changed in the North of Ireland. There are those who will say we have moved on in the North of Ireland. Well, my response to them is this… We haven’t really moved on and things haven’t really changed. Tonight, my brother, along with many of our brothers and sisters rots in a British gaol. Who will be next?”

Update (from Facebook): “There are way too many messages for me to respond to individually, so I thought it best just to make this post. I’d also like to address the circumstances in which my brother was arrested and give you all an update regarding his situation. My brother Gary and his son were surrounded by an armed response unit of the PSNI last Thursday afternoon, shortly after attending the funeral of our aunt who passed away on Tuesday. Gary has since been charged with offences that date back to 1986. The charges against him are possession with intent to endanger life and if found guilty he could be sentenced to 10-12 years imprisonment. He appeared at Laganside court on Friday morning and has been remanded in MagHaberry Gaol until April 27th. Gary has a wife and five children. My family are somewhat shocked at this development, but we are strong as always and in good spirits. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the messages of support and solidarity regarding the arrest and internment of my brother, Gary.
“Ireland that has wronged no man, that has injured no land, that has sought no
dominion over others. Ireland is treated today among other nations of the world as if she was a convicted criminal. If it be treason to fight against such an unnatural fate as this, then I am proud to be a rebel and shall cling to my rebellion with the last drop of my blood.” Roger Casement”




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