Adams attacks Paterson over border poll stance (BBC News Northern Ireland)

The Sinn Fein president has attacked the Northern Ireland Secretary over his dismissal of calls for a border poll.
Owen Paterson told the House of Commons on Wednesday he had no intention of holding a poll and had received no representations to commission a vote.
But on Saturday, Mr Adams said a border poll was inevitable and “only a matter of timing”.
Mr Adams also described Mr Paterson as “not one of the most adroit or skilful” secretaries of State.
“British Secretary of State Owen Paterson has dismissed the possibility of a border poll,” Mr Adams told a Sinn Fein rally in south Londonderry.
“He has also blocked an enquiry into the killing of Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane despite this being part of an inter-governmental agreement at Weston Park.
“He is also blocking a Bill of Rights. And he has been less than helpful on other matters like the Irish language. And his imprisonment of Marion Price is entirely stupid and unjust.
“But Mr Paterson would not be one the most adroit or skilful British secretaries of state to have been imposed on us. His remarks on the border poll have to be seen in this context.”
Political landscape
Mr Paterson, who has the power to call a vote on Northern Ireland’s place in the UK, made the comments during Northern Ireland Questions.
Responding, North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said the findings of a recent survey had claimed 80% of people in Northern Ireland wanted to stay in the UK.
Sinn Fein raised the issue of a border poll earlier this year.
On Saturday, Mr Adams added: “The political landscape in the north has been transformed in recent years and there is growing support for a united Ireland.
“A border poll is inevitable. Mr Paterson knows this. It is only a matter of timing.”
A border poll was last held in Northern Ireland in March 1973. It was largely boycotted by nationalists.


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