McGuinness would meet Queen (UTV)

Martin McGuinness said he would be happy to meet the Queen if he became the Irish President, and hold talks with Prince Charles to help “boost the peace process”.
He made the comments as he outlined why he would make a good President during a live TV debate alongside other candidates on the Late Late show on RTÉ on Friday night.
“I will be very very pleased to meet with the Queen of England and whoever they send to this country”, Mr McGuinness said.
“I know from speaking to certain Unionist individuals in the North who have been speaking to Prince Charles that he is looking forward very much to the day when he and I would have a meeting, not for the purposes for recrimination but to ensure such an encounter would further boost the peace process”, he added.
Mr McGuinness also used his role in the peace process in Northern Ireland to argue why he should become President.
When pushed on his role in the IRA he insisted it isn’t an issue anymore.
“I could count on the fingers in one hand the number of people in the North who have said to me – when did you leave the IRA – so it’s not an issue for ordinary people”, he said.
“What is an issue for ordinary people is how have I been at the heart of one of the most important peace processes in the world, and changed their lives for the better.
“How have I been able to work with Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson and use my skills to perform what many commentators have celled a minor miracle”, he added.
There will be two more TV debates before polling day on 27 October.
Mr McGuinness will go head to head with David Norris, Dana Rosemary Scallon, Gay Mitchell, Michael D Higgins, Mary Davis and Sean Gallagher.


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