Allarme per il numero crescente di adolescenti e minorenni implicati in attività criminose

Sono quasi 1.500 i ragazzini, di cui uno di 6 anni, ad essere stati fermati dalla PSNI per atti criminali e disordini nel corso dell’ultimo anno.
La metà dei ragazzi ha 14 anni o meno. come dimostrato dalla polizia.
Lo scorso week end un quindicenne è stata fermato con l’accusa di coinvolgimento in disordini in connessione al lancio di molotov contro gli agenti di polizia, avvenuto a West Belfast. Un quattordicenne è stato rilasciato su cauzione.
“I semi della violenza vengono seminati molto presto. Se questo circolo vizioso della violenza non si ferma ho paura per lo squallido futuro dei giovani che hanno un futuro di violenza davanti a loro”, ha affermato lo psicologo clinico Raman Kapur.
Secondo la legislazione vigente, i bambini al di sotto dei 10 anni non possono essere perseguiti penalmente, ma si fanno sempre più insistenti e numerose le richieste di affrontare i comportamenti anti-sociali e criminosi adottati dai giovanissimi.

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Call to tackle child crime (U TV)
Almost 1,500 children, including one aged six, were caught by the PSNI for criminal damage and rioting in the last year, UTV reveals.
Half of the children were aged 14 or under, police figures show.
At the weekend, a 15-year-old boy was charged with riotous behaviour after police came under attack from a mob hurling petrol bombs in west Belfast.
Nobody was injured after the 30-strong gang confronted officers on Stewartstown Road shortly after 9pm on Saturday night.
A 14-year-old boy also arrested in connection with the incident was released.
On Monday night another 14-year-old boy was arrested and released on bail after two petrol bombs were thrown at a PSNI vehicle on the Springfield road.
“The seeds of violence are sown very early. If that vicious circle of violence isn’t stopped I’m afraid the future for that young person is very bleak and they’ve a future of violence ahead of them”, clinical Psychologist Raman Kapur told UTV.
“I think it will get worse because I don’t see any effort by people to pull society together to put that on a secure home base, a cohesive family base”.
“I think you are going to see more offending behaviour in the future of that young age.”
Under existing laws children under 10 can’t be prosecuted for carrying out a crime.
But there are now growing calls for more to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime carried out by children.
Thomas Purcell was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years for the murder of 16-year-old west Belfast schoolgirl Megan McAlorum in 2006.
Purcell was just 16 when he took Megan to an isolated forest on the hills above west Belfast and brutally battered her to death with a log after they had sex.
Megan’s mother, Margaret McAlorum, who failed in a bid to have the killer serve a longer jail sentence, told UTV the warning signs were there much earlier that Purcell would eventually kill.
“He was known to the authorities when he was eight years old and he was in petty crime and other various things and it just progressed until it got worse”, Mrs McAlorum told UTV.
“I see now they’re getting younger and getting more violent. There should be a society out there, a body of government which can say: ‘my child is out of control can you help?'”
In England, the mother of murdered toddler James Bulger said killer Jon Venables is “where he belongs” after the 27 year old was recalled to prison.
The convicted murderer, who was controversially freed under a new identity in 2001, was just 10 when he and Robert Thompson abducted and battered the two-year-old to death in a crime that shocked the world.
“If it’s not tackled we are going to see a generation of youngsters who are very unhappy who lead fragmented lives and who deal with that through violent and criminal behaviour”, Kapur warned.



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