Un’autobomba è esplosa la scorsa notte nel centro di Newry, nessuno è rimasto ucciso.

Un miracolo è stato definito dalla polizia, perchè la bomba aveva il potenziale per uccidere. La deflagrazione ha avuto luogo alle 22.30 della notte appena passata.
La bomba, collocata in un auto, era stata piazzata davanti al cancello principale del tribunale di Newry, collocato nel centro cittadino di Newry. Vicino si trovano molti locali e ristoranti.
Lo scoppio della bomba è stato preceduto da due allerte, circa trenta minuti prima.
Allarme sicurezza esteso agli ospedali e alle imprese.
Gravamente danneggiati i cancelli dell’edificio.
L’ispettore capo Sam Cordnor ha dichiarato: “In questa fase stiamo lavorando per mettere l’area in sicurezza e invitando esperti a raccogliere tutte le prove” e ha rivolto a collaborare alla cittadinanza, ogni minimo particolare può essere di fondamentale importanza per le indagini.
Pare che al momento dell’esplosione, la PSNI fosse in procinto di evacuare l’area.
Tutta la zona teatro dell’attentato è stata passata al setaccio dagli artificieri per assicurarsi che non ci fossero ulteriori ordigni esplosivi.
Lo scoppio è stato avvertito fino a 2 miglia di distanza.
Conor Murphy(Sinn Fein), che ha avvertito lo deflagrazione dalla sua casa, si è detto “grato che nessuno sia rimasto coinvolto”.
Il Segretario di Stato dell’Irlanda del Nord Shaun Woodward, in visita negli Stati Uniti, si è detto soddisfatto che non ci siano vittime, ma chi si cela dietro l’attacco sono “persone che vogliono destabilizzare il processo politico” ed ha aggiunto: “Questo è un attacco spaventoso di un gruppo molto ristretto di persone che si rifiutano di accettare che la pace sta lavorando in Irlanda del Nord.
Tutti i sospetti cadono sui dissidenti repubblicani, da cui non è al momento pervenuta alcuna rivendicazione.

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Car bomb explodes at courthouse (BBC News Northern Ireland)
Police say it is a “miracle” no-one was killed or injured by a car bomb near a courthouse in Newry, County Down.
Officers were evacuating the area when the bomb went off at about 2230 GMT on Monday.
Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward condemned the attack and paid tribute to the officers’ bravery.
BBC Ireland correspondent Mark Simpson said it was the latest attack by dissident republicans opposed to the peace process.
‘Substantial blast’
Chief Inspector Sam Cordnor said: “It is only by sheer miracle that nobody was killed or injured.
“Our investigations and examination of the area will be full and extensive, and I would appeal to anyone with information, no matter how small, to contact detectives at Newry.”
The explosion damaged the gates of the courthouse.
Mr Woodward, who is in the US, said he was pleased nobody had been hurt and described those behind the attack as “people who wanted to destabilise the political process”.
He said: “This is an appalling attack by a very small group of people who refuse to accept that peace is working in Northern Ireland.”
SDLP Newry and Armagh assembly member Dominic Bradley condemned those who were responsible for the bomb.
“This was a substantial blast which sounded loud where I live – the best part of two miles away,” he said.
“I was on the scene shortly afterwards and I can say that local people were absolutely disgusted.
“As far as I could make out, there was only a five-minute warning and police were in the process of evacuating people from New Street/Canal Street when the bomb went off.
“We could easily have been looking at serious casualties or worse this evening and it is no credit at all to the bombers that as far as is known there were no injuries.
“People are saying that they got enough of this sort of thing during the Provo campaign, it was wrong and senseless then and it is wrong now.”
‘Swift actions’
DUP Newry and Armagh assembly member William Irwin said the bomb was “a cowardly action by those who want to drag Northern Ireland back to the past”.
He said it “must be condemned across the community by all those who believe in democracy and oppose terrorism”.
“The swift actions of police in ensuring that the area was evacuated must be praised and once again serve of a reminder of the threat which our police officers face daily,” he said.
Local Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy said: “The fact that we’re in the process of devolving policing and justice powers and there’s an attack on a courthouse will not be lost on people.
“These people are trying to drag us backwards and ensure we have the British army back on the streets.”
Local Ulster Unionist assembly member Danny Kennedy said the bomb was “proof of a deteriorating security situation in Northern Ireland”.
“There have been a number of very serious incidents – this is by far probably the most serious recently,” he said.
“It represents a clear attack on security services and government institutions.
“It shows a very worrying level of capability that these dissidents now have.”
It comes days after a mortar bomb was abandoned near a police station in the village of Keady, about 20 miles away.
Last October, Newry courthouse was the scene of a major security alert after an Army bomb disposal team was sent to examine a suspicious vehicle abandoned nearby.
It was later declared to be an elaborate hoax.
Hearings scheduled for Newry courthouse on Tuesday have been moved to Armagh.

Bomb explodes at Newry courthouse (U TV)
Police say it is a ‘miracle’ no-one was injured or killed after a car bomb exploded outside Newry Courthouse in County Down on Monday night.
A vehicle was abandoned at the front of the building at around 10pm.
Area Commander Chief Inspector Sam Cordnor has strongly condemned the actions of those who would “seek to destroy the peace and stability of the local community”, he said.
“At this stage we are working to make the area safe and calling on experts to collect any evidence. Our investigations and examinations of the area will be full and extensive”.
“I would urge anyone with any information no matter how small to contact police in Newry” he added.
A warning was given to a local hospital and business.
Dissident republicans are being blamed.
Police were in the process of evacuating the area when the car, which had been reversed into the gates of the heavily fortified building, exploded.
It is understood the gates at the courthouse were badly damaged in the blast.
The explosion was heard by people living at least two miles from the scene.
The area remained sealed off following the explosion as Army bomb disposal officers checked for further devices.
There were no initial reports of any injuries in the blast, which comes days after a mortar bomb was abandoned outside a police station in the nearby Co Armagh village of Keady, failing to detonate.
Local politicians have expressed their “disgust” and “revulsion”.
SDLP MLA for Newry and Armagh, Dominic Bradley, has condemned those responsible for the latest attack.
“There is absolute disgust in Newry tonight, absolute revulsion that we have gone back to a situation that we had thought that we had left behind,” he told UTV.
“The message that people here in Newry are giving to those responsible is that they absolutely reject their activities, they want them to desist from this type of activity immediately.”
The DUP’s Newry and Armagh MLA, William Irwin, said: “Whilst initial conversations with the police indicate that no-one has been injured, there is absolutely no doubt that the evil terrorists who planted this bomb had the intention of taking life.
“The swift actions of police in ensuring that the area was evacuated must be praised and once again serve of a reminder of threat which our police officers face daily.”
Last March, dissidents shot dead two soldiers at Massereene army barracks in Antrim. Two days later they gunned down police constable Stephen Carroll in Craigavon, Co Armagh as he answered a call for help.
In September police discovered a 600lb bomb in the south Armagh village of Forkhill.
Last month a Catholic police officer was seriously injured in car bomb attack in Co Antrim while a number of police stations have been shot in recent weeks.


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