Parla il padre di un ufficiale del RUC vittima dell’IRA

Ronnie Pollock, padre di Gregory ucciso a soli 23 anni nell’area di Waterside a Derry quando la sua auto venne colpita da un mortaio dell’Irish Republican Army nel 1994, implora la fine degli atti vandalici contro la tomba del figlio.
L’ultimo risale allo scorso venerdì, quando è stata fatta scomparire la corona di ‘poppies’  saldamente posizionata sulla tomba di Gregory, presso il cimitero di S. Patrick Church of Ireland a Newry.  Due anni fa era successa la stessa cosa, ma la corona era stata messa in un sacco e gettata nel mezzo della strada.
Lo staff del cimitero ha affermato di non aver notato nulla di sospetto, nemmeno nel parco a fianco da dove si pensa siano fuggiti i vandali.
Lo scorso Halloween anche la casa del Sig. Pollock è stata oggetto di atti vandalici, quando le porte dell’abitazione sono state danneggiate da alcuni uomini poi fuggiti in auto.

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‘Let my son rest in peace’ (NewsLetter)
THE father of an RUC officer killed by the IRA has pleaded for attacks on his son’s grave to stop.
South Down man Ronnie Pollock told the News Letter his son Gregory’s grave, at St Patrick’s Church of Ireland in Newry, has been targeted by thugs several times over the past few years.
In the latest attack, a poppy wreath bearing the RUC crest was stolen.
RUC Constable Gregory William Pollock was just 23-years-old when he
was killed in the Waterside area of Londonderry after his vehicle was
struck by a horizontal IRA mortar bomb in 1994.
Mr Pollock senior, who is 72-years-old, has visited his son’s grave every week since he was killed 15 years ago, but was unable to make his usual trip for two weeks as he was in hospital.
On returning to Gregory’s plot last Friday, which is in a nationalist part of the city, father of three Mr Pollock found the RUC poppy wreath he had securely attached to his son’s grave was gone.
Sadly, Friday’s incident was not the first time Gregory’s grave has been targeted, and the Pollock’s rural family home was vandalised at Halloween when gates to the house were damaged by several men who then made off by car.
Mr Pollock told the News Letter: “Two years ago I laid poppy crosses on Gregory’s grave, and when I came for my visit found they had been taken off all the graves in the cemetery, put in a bag and thrown in the middle of the road.
“This year, the RUC poppy wreath was removed. I looked about for it but it was nowhere to be seen, it was just gone. It was well tethered on, so they must have really had to work to pull it off.”
Mr Pollock said he cannot understand the vandalism: “I’ve always laid poppies or the RUC wreath around November time, but it’s only in the past few years we’ve started to have problems. We get on with everyone so I can’t see where this is coming from.”
After staff in the cemetery told Mr Pollock they had witnessed nothing
suspicious, he looked for the wreath in a park beside the cemetery, where he thinks the vandals may have escaped after the theft.
He said of the thugs who targeted his son’s grave: “People come and drink in the cemetery at nights and maybe they’ve seen the RUC wreath on the grave and decided they don’t want that kind of thing in the area.”
“I just don’t understand why they can’t leave it be, it’s disrespectful. My son only did good and now he deserves to be left in peace.
“I think whatever town you’re in there will be that certain element who doesn’t want you there. That still exists on both sides.”
Speaking of the affect the theft has had on his family, Mr Pollock said: “I am angry and upset about it, what happened was a long time ago but it never leaves you.
“We lost our son and now we just want to mourn him in peace, and whoever is doing this won’t let us. I feel as if my son died yesterday, I’ll never forget.”
The proud father added: “A death like that creates a wave effect, the ripples just go on and affect more and more people.
“Folk who haven’t been through that don’t have an idea of what it can do to a family when a loved one is taken from you in that way.
“I was very proud of him, we should be proud of all those boys and the work they did.”


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