Il PSNI starebbe aspettando gli esiti dei test sugli elementi di prova rinvenuti all’interno della Vauxhall Cavalier, per poi procedere a nuovi arresti. “C’è una vasta quantità di materiale recuperato dal veicolo che è ora in fase di esame da parte di esperti”.
Al momento l’unico imputato per l’attentato di Massereene, è Colin Duffy su cui pendono 8 capi d’accusa: duplice omicidio, 5 tentati omicidi e possesso di armi.  Il suo avvocato difensore ha dichiarato che il prossimo lunedì verrà presentata un’instanza di rilascio su cauzione.

Barracks murders: arrests imminent (The Irish News)
Police are expecting to make fresh arrests within days in relation to the murders of two off-duty British soldiers in a Real IRA attack.
Sources close to the investigation say that arrests are “imminent” with full forensic tests, on a range of items recovered from the getaway car, expected to be completed by Tuesday.
Prominent Lurgan republican Colin Duffy is the first person to be charged in connection with the attack at Massereene army barracks in Antrim on March 7.
He appeared in court in Larne yesterday charged with the murders of sappers Mark Quinsey (23) and Cengiz ‘Patrick’ Azimkar (21).
The soldiers were gunned down as they collected pizzas at the gates of the barracks. Five others, including two pizza delivery men, were also injured in the ambush.
Duffy remained silent throughout yesterday’s hearing, other than to confirm his name.
A PSNI detective told the court that a full DNA profile linking the 41 year-old to the killings had been recovered from the fingertip of a latex glove found in the footwell of the getaway car used by the killers.
Duffy’s lawyers questioned why police had failed to mention the DNA evidence at an earlier court hearing, claiming the police case against his client was “very poor” and “lacked weight”.
However, the detective told the court the investigation team was currently carrying out forensic tests on 1,000 exhibits of potential evidence. And with full forensic tests expected to be completed by early next week sources close to the inquiry last night said that fresh arrests were ‘imminent’.
“There was a wealth of material recovered from the vehicle which is now being tested by forensic experts,” the source revealed.
“Those tests are very close to completion and more arrests can be expected in the very near future.”
Duffy, who the court heard had given up his three-day hunger strike after he was charged, was remanded in custody to appear via video-link at Antrim magistrates court on April 21.
He was cheered by supporters as he was led from the court but in stark contrast, he was jeered by around 30 loyalists protesters as he emerged from the building, with one punching the vehicle.
His solicitor Pat Vernon revealed his client would apply to the High Court for bail on Monday.
On Wednesday three of Duffy’s co-accused, including Declan and Dominic Og McGlinchey – the sons of former INLA leader Dominic McGlinchey – walked free from Antrim Police Station after the lord chief justice Sir Brian Kerr, ruled that their detention for more than 11 days in police custody had been unlawful.
Eirigi, a dissident republican group that Duffy has been involved with, is to stage a protest against 28 day detention at the Whiterock Roundabout in west Belfast at 1pm today.

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  • repubblicana vera

    No to British Political Policiing! Questo sarà ora usato come una scusa per tolgiere chi e troppo vocale contro lo Sinn Fein. Dopo che le prove sono uscite che lo Sinn Fein spiavano dissidenti mi sa che faranno di tutto per liberarsi di noi che non abbiamo paura di loro e le loro minacce.

    LIBERA COLLY ORA!!!!!!!!!!

    "Mi piace"


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