RNU Newry/South Armagh denounce heavy handed stop and search or republican activist and family (RNU)

The Republican Network for Unity (RNU) in Newry denounce a heavy handed stop and search of one of their activists in Newry today (17/6/2015) which left his heavily pregnant partner and two young children deeply distressed. The activist stated “Today at 12.10pm myself, partner and 2 kids aged 7 and 23 months were forced to stop on water street Newry by an unmarked RUC car with the blue lights on. They got out of their car and went to my window and asked for my license then took the license away and radioed it through. I then noticed through my back passenger window the RUC Man putting on rubber gloves then he came back to my driver’s door and opened it and told me to get out of the car that he wanted to search me. I asked under what section did he want to search me under he then said section 26 justice and security act. I then got out of the car were he told me to go to the back of the car to search me when I noticed a second unmarked RUC car pull in. In the second car a RUC man and woman got out of the car and the RUC woman went to the passenger side of my car and demanded that my heavily pregnant partner get out of my car to search her. They asked my partner for the names and ages of my two children and how many kids did my partner have and was I her partner and did the both of us live together. After searching my partner she asked the RUC woman could she get back into the car as she was not feeling well due to her pregnancy were she was told No that she would have to wait until she asked one of the RUC men. After 5 mins she was allowed to get back into my car. They then continued to search my car vigorously as seen in photos. They then give me the stop and search card after half an hour of holding us by this time my partner and two kids were shaking at this ordeal and very distressed . We then drove onto do our daily shopping in Tesco were I noticed the same two RUC men of the first car followed us into the shop” The RNU member in question is a well known republican activist and is engaged in lawful and legitimate political activity through his membership of a registered, lawful and legitimate political party. As can be evidenced from the activist’s statement, the RUC/PSNI was unnecessarily heavy handed and there is no doubt it was motivated purely by political rather than justice or security issues. This is the latest in a litany of arrests, raids and harassment of our members across the six counties by the RUC/PSNI who are no doubt being directed by MI5 in this campaign. RNU urge all political activists to log any and all incidents of harassment with both the party and their solicitor in order to build up a true picture of the prevalence of political interference in legitimate political activity. We also highlight the abhorrent British state practice of putting pressure on pregnant women and young children in order to put political pressure on one of our party members, this repugnant behavior is not community policing but state sponsored child abuse. RNU are growing slowly but surely in number and influence across Ireland and we will not allow the disgraceful behaviour of the state to stunt our political growth.


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