Statement From Republican Prisoners PortLaoise 04/02/15 (IRPWA)

The Republican Prisoners on E3/E4 Portlaoise Jail, send solidarity greeting to our comrades in Roe House, Maghaberry jail. We salute your fortitude and restraint in the face of an ongoing attempt to break your spirit of resistance
The agreement of August 2010 sought to put an end to the barbaric and degrading practice of strip searches, to allow greater freedom of movement within the republican landings and to create a conflict free environment. It is now abundantly clear that despite signing up to the 2010 August Agreement the jail administration have no intention of honouring their promises.
This regressive regime seeks instead to break our comrades through brutality and intimidation. They have learned nothing from past conflicts within the prison system. Their actions fully expose the failures of successive attempts to govern a people who refuse to bend the knee to direct British rule or that of a proxy administration in Stormont.
The Media’s one sided coverage makes a mockery of the self-styled democrats throughout our 32 counties. The silence of those who are quick to champion human rights violations in any other country but Ireland is deafening. Recent events in Maghaberry expose fully the British psyche that craves not only the capture but the degradation of those who refuse to submit to its will. Taking a Rebel prisoner is never enough, being captor will not suffice.
David Ford the so called justice minister in the puppet regime plays the role of Pontius Pilate, washing his hands of any wrong doing while giving his full support to the sectarian bigots who brutalize political prisoners.
Ireland has a long history of resistance to British imperialism and those who sacrifice their freedom for doing so must not and will not be left without a voice. Support the Republican Prisoners. Everyone can play a part.
Republican Prisoners,
E3/E4 Landings,
Portlaoise Jail.


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