PSNI warning after petrol bomb arrest (UTV)

Police have issued a warning to those involved in anti-social behaviour at Belfast interface areas after a teenager was arrested on possession of a petrol bomb.

The warning comes after a series of incidents over the past week in the east of the city which have resulted in seven arrests.

Police believe the youths involved are using Twitter and Facebook to organise the violence.

The youngest arrested was aged just 12 and on Tuesday night a 16-year-old was arrested on suspicion of possession of a petrol bomb.

The incident took place in the Albertbridge Road area and the teen arrested in Canada Street.

He was later charged with possession of a petrol bomb in suspicious circumstances and is due in Belfast youth court next month.

Police have said there has been an increase in the number of incidents and warned of the repercussions for those involved.

Chief Inspector, Darrin Jones, area commander for east Belfast said: “There has been an increase in reported incidents of anti-social behaviour in parts of east Belfast, which are also classified as interface areas.

“Police have had a highly visible presence in these areas over the last number of nights and evidence gathering teams have been deployed.

“This means that we are recording the individuals who are involved in this behaviour and are undertaking the process of identifying them.

“Since Sunday, we have arrested seven people for a range of public order offences.

“For example, one of the arrests that took place was of a 16-year-old male for possession of a petrol bomb.

“More arrests are imminent. Whether you are under 18 or over 18, there are consequences for breaking the law and police will be pursuing individuals involved and bringing them before the courts.”

Chief Inspector Jones added: “I would appeal to parents to make sure that you speak to your child, make them aware of the risks of being in an area where anti-social behaviour is occurring and I would ask all parents to make sure that you know where your child is and what they are doing.

“Police have been working with local community groups and statutory bodies to highlight the impact that a criminal record can have on an individual.

“A criminal record can effect career and travel options.

“Police will be actively patrolling these areas in the coming days to keep people safe.”



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