Police officers injured in Belfast bonfire trouble (BBC News Northern Ireland)

A number of police officers have been injured during trouble at an anti-internment bonfire in west Belfast.
Police said several people were arrested following the disturbance in the Divis Street area on Thursday night.
Separately on Thursday, it emerged a loyalist painting stolen from a wall in south Belfast was placed for a time on a bonfire in the Divis area.
The painting was placed on the bonfire, before later being removed.
A female Belfast newspaper journalist said on Twitter that she had been attacked at the Divis bonfire site on Thursday.

Journalist attacked at bonfire on which loyalist artwork placed (NewsLetter)

A female journalist was attacked at a republican bonfire in west Belfast as she investigated reports of stolen loyalist artwork on the towering structure.
Allison Morris of the Irish News reported the incident on Twitter and was soon inundated with messages of support.
The reporter said she had bottles thrown at her by a “drunken rabble” guarding the anti-internment bonfire.
She tweeted: “Just got attacked with bottles by a bunch of drunken rabble at the Divis bonfire site, tourists looking on shocked nice welcome to west Belfast”.
West Belfast MP Paul Maskey responded saying: “Hope you’re ok? They are a disgrace and causing nothing but hassle for the good people of the area.”
Ulster Unionist Assembly Member for South Belfast Michael McGimpsey called on those who took the community mural from the Linfield Road area to return it immediately

Republicans to hold Belfast anti-internment parade (BBC News Northern Ireland)

Republicans are to hold an anti-internment parade along Royal Avenue in Belfast city centre on Friday evening.
The march, which starts in north Belfast, is being held to coincide with the introduction of internment in Northern Ireland in 1971.
The Parades Commission has given permission for six loyalist protests against the parade.
Numbers have been restricted at four of them.
The DUP has called on Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers to ban the anti-internment march.
After meeting with police on Thursday, assembly member Nelson McCausland said Chief Constable Matt Baggott should recommend to Ms Villiers that the parade should not take place.


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