Fermanagh 32 County group declares ‘vehement opposition’ to G8 summit (Impartial Reporter)

Fermanagh/Cavan 32 County Sovereignty movement has declared its “vehement” opposition to the G8 summit and invited comrades from all over the world to descend on Fermanagh in throngs.
In a statement released late last night, a representative of the group said it “will vehemently oppose any attempt by the British Government to impose the G8 Summit upon the people of occupied Co. Fermanagh next year”.
The group says it will assist all those who want to oppose globalisation.
“The Fermanagh/Cavan 32 County Sovereignty Movement call on the workers of the world to unite in opposition to this proposed summit. We invite Socialist comrades from all over the world to descend on Fermanagh in throngs that will dwarf the imperialist terrorist brigades drafted in to enforce this imperialist summit of global terror and we pledge to assist all those who seek to express their opposition to the occupation of Ireland and globalisation in any way we can”.
The group says the decision to hold the Summit “will only increase our determination to humiliate them with further effective resistance”.
“The Republicans of Co. Fermanagh have been confronting the alleged might of the British Government for centuries,” the statement says.
“The publicity surrounding the planned proposal to hold the G8 summit in Fermanagh lauded the alleged success of a so called peace process while ignoring the depressing truth that thousands of armed British terrorists will be covertly deployed against the people of Fermanagh to impose a summit upon a community that has always rejected Britain’s claim to hold any authority in any part of Ireland.
“As a movement organised in defence of the Irish Nation’s right to sovereign independence we have an obvious duty to address these most urgent aspects of such evil but as internationalists we have a clear obligation to expound our position against globalisation and the plundering of the world by this syndicate of evil,” the statement says.
“Globalisation determines that all the nations of the world be subdued and consumed by a syndicate of imperialist aggression with one agenda: To hold the world to ransom militarily in order to control the world economy with a capitalist model based solely on the exploitation of the working class,\” the statement adds.
“All wars in this world are managed by these powers and sustained by their greed and this is why the workers of the world must oppose them,” the statement continues.


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