I rappresentanti della comunità di South Belfast si dicono non intimoriti dalla pubblicazione di informazioni strettamente personali (immagini, indirizzi, n. telefonici, ecc..) pubblicati su di un sito di estrema destra.
Redwatch, affiliato al Combat 18, ha pubblicato sul proprio sito internet le fotografie di diversi esponenti locali di spicco, quali Niall Kelly (Consigliere SDLP), Patrick Yu (a capo del Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities) e Michael McGimpsey (rappresentante del DUP).
Una sezione del sito web mostra le immagini di persone che hanno partecipato alle recenti manifestazioni contro il razzismo e recita: “Eventuali ulteriori informazioni che riguardino questi ‘fenomeni’, saranno gradite”.
Un’altra area è riportata la seguente dicitura: “I ‘Fenian Reds’, causando disordini a South Belfast hanno tentato di vincere il supporto agli zingari ‘parassiti’ che volevano trasformare il Villagio Protestante in una baraccopoli”.
Tutte le personalità interessate da questa violazione della privacy, con un conseguente rischio per la loro incolumità,  si sono dette sconvolte e turbate dall’episodio, ma hanno ribadito la loro ferma intenzione a non piegarsi dinnanzi a tali intimidazioni.
Il PSNI non ha rilasciato alcun commento relativo alla sicurezza personale dei singoli individui, ma ha ribadito l’impossibilità di svolgere un controllo quotidiano dei siti internet e del materiale pubblicato on line, ma “intraprenderemo azioni appropriate quando riceveremo denunce di reati che si verificano all’interno della nostra competenza “.

Traduci l’articolo…

Website threats will not deter activists (Belfast Media)
Community representatives throughout South Belfast have vowed not be intimidated by racists after pictures and personal details about them, including addresses and phone numbers, were published on a far-right website.
Redwatch, which is affiliated with Combat 18, posted pictures of several local figures, including SDLP councillor Niall Kelly, head of the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities Patrick Yu, and UUP MLA Michael McGimpsey.
A section of the website shows pictures of people who attended recent anti-racist rallies and states: “Any further info on the freaks below will be gratefully received.”
Another area of the website says: “Fenian reds, causing trouble in South Belfast attempting to win support for Gypsy parasites turning the Protestant Village area into a slum.”
In the case of Mr Yu, the site shows his picture along with his home address and phone number. He said the website was a “sinister” discovery.
“Loyalism seems to have this core group of extreme people who are trying to pursue their own vitriol and agenda. It’s sad we still have this type of people in this country.
“Normally the people behind sites like this focus on republicans and nationalists, as well as trade unionists and anti-racists. But one of the strangest things for me was the appearance of unionists and loyalists on it as well.”
Mr Yu said it would not cause him to increase his own personal security.
“I have faced things like this since the attacks on the Chinese community in Donegall Pass in 2003, so it is nothing new. I have received a few nuisance phone calls but nothing more.
“A lot of websites like this seem to be based in America, so legally we can’t do anything to stop them, but it is still not nice to have my basic human rights and privacy infringed like this.”
Balmoral councillor Niall Kelly said he was “concerned” to see the pictures of himself on the site.
“Even the BNP has denounced those behind the site, which shows what lunatics they are.  However, I will not be deterred from standing for the rights of others. The SDLP has faced down threats before and will continue to do what is right, as we strive to fight against racism, sectarianism and bigotry.”
Alliance Party councillor Tom Ekin said he found the website to be “upsetting”.
“I find it a bit distressing that my privacy has been invaded. I was at these rallies as a private individual, yet my photograph has been taken simply to intimidate me.
“These people’s activities are often dressed up as being of benefit to society but instead it undermines decent folk who are trying to be progressive and develop a better society.
“Most of the public representatives here have been threatened at some point in the past by these sorts of people, who offer absolutely nothing. This sort of thing has never stopped before and it will not now.”
A PSNI spokesperson said it does not comment on the security of the individuals.
“The police service does not monitor internet sites on a daily basis. However, we will take appropriate action when complaints are received of criminal offences that occur within our jurisdiction.”


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