Price lawyer wants media ban on capturing her “significantly altered” image (NewsLetter)

The arraignment of Old Bailey bomber Marian McGlinchey was adjourned on Tuesday due to her ill health and fears of facing the media.

Applying for the case to be adjourned at Belfast Crown Court, defence lawyer Sean Devine said he would be submitting legal argument for a banning order on the media recording McGlinchey’s image.

He told Judge Gordon Kerr QC there was a “plethora of medical evidence” as to her ill health but also that she feared if she comes to court, her photograph will be taken and distributed.

Mr Devine agreed with the judge there was nothing in the reports to suggest she was not fit to come to court for a short time or her arraignment and that “this woman has to attend court”.

The lawyer revealed however that with alleged repeated death threats hanging over her, “it would be our intention, in order to facilitate her appearance at court, to make an application for an order which would prohibit any image being taken or distributed or published”.

He also claimed that McGlinchey’s appearance had altered significantly.

In adjourning the arraignment until a date to be fixed, Judge Kerr told the lawyer he would allow him a week to lodge any skeleton argument to show him the reasons why and under what authority he could make such an order.

McGlinchey, also known as Marian Price and of no fixed abode, is on bail charged with providing a mobile phone for a terrorist purpose on March 8 2009.

McGlinchey served a jail sentence along with her late sister Dolours Price for the 1973 IRA bomb attack on the Old Bailey in London.

Her licence was revoked in 2011 and she spent two years in custody before she was finally released earlier this year.

On Tuesday Mr Devine said that time in custody had a major deteriorating effect on McGlinchey’s health.

Last week at Belfast Magistrates’ Court, McGlinchey was initially convicted of public order offences arising from a white line protest in the New Lodge Road area of Belfast in July 2010 but those were set aside by District Judge Fiona Bagnall.

Earlier this month at Londonderry Magistrates Court, when McGlinchey attended without incident, District Judge Barney McElholm dismissed a similar application for media restrictions.

Committing the one-time bomber for trial on a charge of aiding and abetting a terrorist rally after McGlinchey allegedly addressed a dissident republican rally at a cemetery in Londonderry, the judge accepted that McGlinchey’s appearance had altered but suggested it may be due to her now wearing glasses.

He also pointed to the amount of images and information about her already in the public domain.

Il giudice Gordon Kerr ha accettato di rinviare l’udienza a data da destinarsi, concedendo così il tempo ai legali della convenuta di poter presentare una qualsiasi argomentazione che giustifichi la loro richiesta di ordinanza.


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