Francis Mackey’s statement on marian price’s internment and removal to Hydebank (32 Csm Belfast)
The 32CSM wishes to highlight the removal of Marian price from Maghaberry gaol to Hydebank prison. This move has been made in light of Marian’s deteriorating physical and mental health. It must be highlighted that the British government have kept Marian in isolation for nine months in an attempt to break her psychologically. This has resulted in her health deteriorating to the point that the prison doctor had refused to allow her to be transported to court on medical grounds.
The national chairperson of the 32CSM Mr Francis Mackey today stated “The violation of Marian Price’s human rights demonstrates how far the British government are prepared to go with their policy of internment in an attempt to break republican prisoners. This issue of injustice must be exposed for what it is. The plight of Marian Price stands above any political party or organisation and i urge all concerned about the case to come together in a spirit of unity to secure the release of Marian.”
Mr Mackey highlighted the politicised nature of Marian’s incarceration and stated “The facts are that Marian wasn’t out on licence for it to be revoked. She received a pardon which the British government now claim cannot be found. Only people power can now bring pressure to bear nationally and internationally on the British government. The move to Hydebank is merely transferring the problem. Marian will still be held in isolation and we hope that she receives the medical treatment she urgently requires.”
The 32CSM will be escalating our campaign to highlight the case of Marian Price. With International Women’s day approaching on the 8th of March we urge all women’s groups to join us to highlight the case of a mother, wife and sister who is today interned in a British jail. Support Marian Price and work to secure her release.

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