The Republican Network for Unity has slammed the publication of the findings into the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry

RNU Spokesperson Martin Óg Meehan said:
“RNU will closely examine the comprehensive report’s findings in full. However, our initial reaction is that while we are disappointed, we are not at all surprised that Judge Cory did not confirm that British State collusion led directly to Rosemary’s killing, given that the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference did not task it with examining such collusion”.
The RNU Ard Chomhairle member added; “Rosemary Nelson was a respected human rights advocate, much loved mother of three and a successful Lawyer. Prior to her brutal assassination on Mother’s Day 1999, she testified to the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Param Cumaraswamy and the US Congress, that death threats had been made against her and her three children by the RUC as a result of her defence work”
Mr. Meehan concluded; “The report is a contradiction in that it clearly identifies how the RUC had ‘legitimised’ Nelson as a Loyalist target by abusing and assaulting her in Portadown in 1997. While also concluding that the British State failed to take proportionate steps to safeguard Rosemary’s life. The Republican Network for Unity (RNU) will continue to support the Magee and Nelson families in their quest to achieve the terrible truth behind Rosemary’s political assassination”.


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